Why These Top 7 Celebrities Practice Yoga

Many average people practice Yoga because they have heard celebrities talking in the TV shows or in the interviews for magazines about the benefits they got from regular Yoga practice. I must say that it is hard to be a celebrity, the pressure and less privacy make it so hard on them. When I watch TV news about paparazzi’s taking pictures or molesting certain celebrities in the public, I really do feel bad for them.

Heck, they are just people, so leave them alone right?

I guess they have to combat that pressure and other things they come in contact with during their career. No wonder they very often turn to some form of meditation or exercise that will help them to get back into a balance. Yoga do that in each and every session and therefore it is number one free-time activity for these Hollywood stars.

Lets take a look at these 7 celebrities and why they practice Yoga…

Celebrities Practice Yoga

Meg Ryan

She has admitted to be practicing yoga, and she also added that it changed her life. According to her, yoga calms people down and it helps with different aspects of people’s life. Since she started she has been talking about it openly, hoping that other people will also follow her lead.

Ricky Martin

This celebrity is also known to be practicing yoga. He has made this decision because he didn’t want to make any other impulsive decisions and so he is wishing to connect his heart with his mind.


She might be the most famous yoga practitioners of them all. She is more than open about the fact that she practices yoga and she considers it a metaphor for life. This is because the movements are very slow and the practitioners can’t do things in rush. People can’t just switch positions and they will find themselves in pretty funny situations, but they have to learn not to judge themselves.

Gwyneth Paltrow

According to the celebrity, she has been practicing yoga for a long period of time and she even had a private yoga studio in her home in London. Just like the other celebrities she is trying to educate other people about yoga, so that more people would follow her.


A lot of people when they think about music, the name of Sting pops into their mind. He also proudly claimed that he has been practicing yoga. According to him the practice is able to turn back the hands of time. He says that he can do things with his body that he could never have done before, not even when he has been a young athlete.

Jennifer Aniston

Probably she got the most use of yoga among all the celebrities known to practice it, especially after she and her ex-husband, Brad Pitt broke up. According to her, yoga has therapeutic effects, and this way she has been able to release all the pain that she held inside.


She is really convinced about the benefiting effects of yoga, to a greater extent. It has been heard that she also made her staff practice yoga, truly believing in it benefits.

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