Why is Social Media Important Today?

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Top Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook

Facebook is the largest and most highly operated social media platform in the world. We can now use this platform as a startup business or look for services. We can join groups of like-minded individuals and connect with people across the world. Facebook’s reach is almost endless; it gives us adverts designed from our search history. It also allows us to find out information such as breaking news or stories on climate change.

  • Instagram

Instagram’s platform allows us to share images and post captions. With the development of Instagram, we have seen a rise in people connecting who don’t already know each other. This is very different from the idea of connecting on Facebook. This platform celebrates our interests with the #hashtag and allows us to find people across the world with common goals. If you search #vegan on Instagram, you will find so many users who are posting their opinions and their food.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a seen as a professional networking platform; rather than social use, it is used professionally. It focuses on Business to Business rather than Business to Consumer. This has allowed many individuals to connect with people across the world in similar fields. We can share stories within our area of expertise and it also has a job opportunities page.

  • Twitter

Twitter, very unlike Instagram, is focused on short snapshot statements. You are given a select character count in which to share information. This platform opens up conversations from businesses to consumers with expectant responses being immediate.


  • Social

As the name suggests, the most common use for social media platforms is to socialize. We connect with people from school or jobs and share our lives with one another. We can also use private messages to connect as individuals. By sharing statements and images, we are able to connect with people whom otherwise we may lose touch.

  • Business

Business use of Social Media is on the rise. Platforms now allow us to share our business and connect with potential customers. The market is now flooded with people selling handmade products from their bedrooms. With advancements in technology, the world of business has advanced too. You can now reach potential customers across the world.

  • Information

Most individuals won’t listen to the radio or sit down to watch the 8 o’clock news. They will still get all the information about what is going on. Social Media is used by news outlets and online publishers to share news of the world. We can now access information from other people across the world about what is going on in their country. We can find out information about when our favourite TV program is on. So We can find out who was elected in the recent elections. We can even find out information on scientific advancements and studies done on climate change.

  • Like Minded Communities

With more and more individuals connecting across the globe, we may find ourselves in tight-knit communities with shared interests. Whether it be woodworking hobbyists or plastic-free living solutions, there is a community for everyone.


  • Marketing

The business of all shapes and sizes will use social media platforms to market their products and services. Some of the larger organizations will pay for advertising space. Few global businesses will usually have a social media team in their marketing department. Some even have a dedicated person for trolling people on Twitter.

  • Start-Up Businesses

The best thing about social media for businesses is that, without any cost, you can set up and market yourself. For a startup business with zero funds to pay for advertising space, social media can be an amazing place to start. With a few clever #hashtags and some well-considered SEO, you can be reaching potential customers across the globe.

  • Selling Products/Services

All social media platforms are using to target consumers. So, if your startup is looking for customers, you have the World Wide Web at your disposal. Not only can you post images of the table you made, but you can also share links to your website. You can talk directly with customers that might be interested in buying a product. You can get reviews on work you have already done by simply having a Facebook Page. And that’s before we even look at other platforms!

  • Platform to Showcase

As we have just mentioned, social media allows us to share content and information with the world. We can share information on upcoming projects or show off something successful. Maybe you are a growing business and you have a new team member? Share with your audience. If you have won an award, share!

An Online Market

Why is Social Media Important Today
Why is Social Media Important Today
  • The Change of Online Purchasing

We no longer desire to go shopping on a Saturday afternoon with our friends. Most consumers have turned to the internet to find products they really want. This has opened up so many doors for both consumers and business owners.

  • Etsy

As most consumers buy products and services online, so do our social media users. Etsy is a wonderful platform dedicated to businesses of all sizes. You have a great chance of reaching potential customers who are already searching for products similar to yours. And the other bonus is that it is very low cost for the clever business owner.

  • Links to Websites

As we use social media for our business marketing, we see a growth in our audience. As a result, most businesses will use their social media to ‘plug’ their website. If you do not use social platforms to sell products, you can point your customers in the direction to buy them.  Adding a link to your social media accounts will help send traffic that way. Making the use of posting content which talks about your website will also send your audience there.

  • Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is completely free to sell products on. It is completely simple to use and very quick to begin listing products. People sell old jigsaws all the way through to new cars on Facebook Marketplace. It automatically shares products with consumers that are within their local area; some great local SEO there Facebook. As a social media platform, it encourages buyers to get in touch with sellers directly.

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