Why is My Iphone Running So Slow

If you feel that your new iPhone is running more slowly day-by-day, it is surely not your imagination. The most horrible thing is that the speed declines so slowly that it is almost impossible to trace out the thing until once you feel that any website is taking time to load, apps respond at a snail’s pace and menus function slowly. If you are facing these types of problems you are the right person for this article.

Why is My Iphone Running So Slow

This article will explain the possible reasons for the slow of your iPhone. However, the true fact is that it is not necessary to purchase new iPhone as it has more powerful processors than the older models you have. The software problem may be one of the causes to run your iPhone slowly and by fixing this software problem you may find a remarkable difference.

Here are the possible causes for the slow running of the iPhone.

  1. The available storage space is out in your iPhone: The real fact is that iPhone like any computer has a fixed storage space and it is more likely to be 16GB or 64GB or 128GB. The storage amount or the capacity in hard drive of the iphone is most similar to any PC or any Mac. If you store tons of pictures, install a bunch of apps or download music, you are running your iPhone out of its memory. When the available memory goes to 0 the problem starts. Some amount of open memory is necessary to run the software smoothly.
  2. When all apps are loaded into the memory at once and without your knowledge: Suppose you have opened almost all programs at a time on your PC. Then what will be the result? Certainly, everything of your PC will slow down. The same is the case for your iPhone. When an app is opened it will be loaded in the application memory in your iPhone. In the meantime, if you move to the home screen, the app starts closing. Again if you leave the app it will take a certain time to move into the suspended phase and it will affect the speed of your iPhone.
  3. Software update: This is another cause for the slowdown of your iPhone. If you do not update the software, it may slow the speed of your iPhone.
  4. If some of the apps still running in the background: Some apps even after closing run continuously. Suppose an app is running and alerts you when it receives any message (like Facebook Messenger). Remember that different skill level developers develop apps. So, one app may not slow down the speed when it is running in the background while the other may do. It is therefore important to select the app which you want to allow running in the background of the device.
  5. Turn off & then turn on your iPhone: If you do not properly turn off your iPhone, it may slow down the speed your iPhone. So, turn off your device properly and then turn on so that your device may start freshly.

Lastly, it is obvious that due to bad handling of the iPhone, the speed may slow down in most cases.

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