Why Every New Mom Needs a Video Baby Monitor

digital video feed

A baby monitor with a camera is similar to a traditional baby monitor but also includes a video feed. This allows you to not only hear your baby but see her as well. After giving birth to my twin boys, I insisted on buying a monitor with a digital video feed.

This allowed me to see which of my boys needed attention and what was going on in the room at the time. I also had the chance to see the two boys interacting with each other when I was not in the room. For parents who never want to miss a particular moment, a baby monitor camera is the absolute best choice.

These monitors use an LCD screen to display the video picture. Some moms call them “baby cams.” They are quite similar to a surveillance camera but are smaller in size.

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Many of the newer baby cam models also come with a night vision feature that automatically switches on in low-light or dark environments. This automatic switch was a blessing for me. As a new and stressed mom, I enjoyed not having to remember to turn on the night vision feature each night.

When searching for a baby monitor with camera, you need to consider whether or not the monitor uses wireless technology. While a wireless camera may be more convenient, it will produce a pulsed signal. I have yet to find any conclusive evidence that these signals are harmful, but some mothers feel that it is better to be safe than sorry. I had no issues with my two boys, and I chose to use a wireless model.

Aside from the digital video feed, these baby monitors are just like a traditional analog baby monitors. They allow you to hear and see what’s going on in your child’s room at all times.

The Benefits of a Digital Baby Monitor

There are a number of benefits to choosing a digital baby monitor over an analog baby monitor. Before we get to those benefits, let me first explain the difference between the two.

  • An analog baby monitor is a traditional monitor. It is widely available and typically the least expensive type of baby monitor. It will either use a 49 mHz or 900 mHz frequency and is very similar to a radio channel. These frequencies are highly susceptible to interference and static. These models typically come with multiple channels, which can be manually changed when static or interference are experienced. They also have a very limited range.
  • A digital baby monitor will use a digital frequency. In most cases, the frequency will be 2.4 GHz. While they tend to have a higher price tag, the benefits are often well worth the cost. Most digital monitors also come with a video camera.

While there are digital baby monitors with and without cameras, I only have personal experience with video baby monitors. I would not have traded my digital baby monitor in for the world. Here’s why:

  1. See and hear what’s going on. With a video baby monitor, you can see and hear what’s going on in the room at all times. Believe it or not, this can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping your baby safe. I once had my twins in their crib while I was in the kitchen washing dishes. Through the baby monitor, I could hear the two laughing and giggling. This brought an immediate smile to my face until I saw what was going on in the room. The two were trying their hardest to climb out of their crib all the while laughing and giggling away. Had I not had a video feed on my monitor, I would have only heard their laughter and assumed everything was okay. If one, or both, of my boys, had succeeded in climbing out of their crib, they could have been severely injured. Needless to say, having a video baby monitor can easily prevent unnecessary accidents. You cannot always be by your baby’s side, but you can always keep an eye on them with this type of monitor.
  2. Clear signal. A digital baby monitor will always have a clearer signal than an analog monitor. Not only that, but the signal is encrypted. There is no need to change channels continually just to find a clear signal and interference is also less of an issue. With analog models, your monitor’s signal may interfere with your neighbor’s baby monitor. This means you may hear their child crying in the middle of the night and vice versa. To put it simply, a digital monitor will prevent headaches and frustration.
  3. Extra features. Many of the new digital baby monitor models come with excellent extra features. Some will play lullabies or tell stories to your child. This will soothe your baby and lull her to sleep. In many ways, these features serve as a second pair of hands as you can control the lullabies and storytelling from your remote. While it is vital to give your baby attention when she needs it, you also need to ensure that you get some rest at night. Being able to play a soothing lullaby may mean that she drifts back to sleep quickly without you having to get up out of bed.

Tips for Using a Baby Camera Monitor

Moms that have never used a baby camera monitor may have a hard time adjusting to this new technology. Because the monitor has a built-in camera, there are many things that need to be considered.

For starters, you want to make sure that you position the camera properly. I kept my baby camera on a nearby dresser and pointed it towards the crib. Make sure that you can see the entire crib mattress. There are many models that clip onto the side of the crib bars, but these only provide you with limited viewing space.

If your budget allows, opt for the video monitor that includes an additional portable monitor. This will allow both parents to see the baby at all times and from different rooms in the house. Having an extra pair of eyes on your baby can make a world of difference when it comes to safety.

Although a baby monitor with camera will come with a higher price tag, they will provide you with peace of mind – which is priceless. Being able to hear and see your baby increases your baby’s safety. At the same time, it also gives you a rare opportunity to catch those little special moments when your baby is alone in their crib and interacting with the world around her.

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