What You Need to Know About the New Whatsapp Business App

What You Need to Know About the New Whatsapp Business App

WhatsApp business App is now available for users to download. The application was authoritatively reported just about a month back alongside with the information that WhatsApp is trying the application with selected private companies.

As indicated by the report, the organization is approaching analysers and testers for input about everything from new highlights like programmed reactions, message investigation to essential basic functions such as setting up of accounts. The application is named as “WhatsApp Business” on Google Play Store different from the typical WhatsApp application.

One thing to note here is that the application is still in beta stage and it is only beta testers that have access to the application for the time been. WhatsApp has changed the logo of the application to incorporate a B inside the green box rather than the calling image.

Some of the features of the new WhatsApp Business are;

Setting up or Creating a Business Profile

Business owners can create their business profiles describing the nature of their business, the address of their business, choose their category of business, the website of the business and some other information which they will like to add. The application user interface is simple to use and understand as users won’t have difficulties in setting up their business account.

Converting/Migrating an Exciting Account with a Business Account.

WhatsApp has made it possible to convert or migrate your old WhatsApp chats to the new WhatApp business account. What this means is that you can transfer your old WhatsApp chats into the new WhatsApp business account but your old WhatsApp account will no longer be available. The option is available in the registration or account set up.

It is possible for a user to have both the old WhatsApp account and the new WhatsApp business account in the same phone as long as the phone is a dual-SIM phone. This is because you can’t have two different accounts with one phone number. You need to create each account with a different phone number.

WhatsApp business can also be created with a landline number so it’s easier for business owners. If as a business owner you have two phones, then perfect as you will have your old WhatsApp on one phone and the new Whatsapp business in the other phone.

Automated Reply Messages (Away Messages).

In cases when a business owner is not available to reply messages from customers, WhatsApp has created a function known as the “Away Messages”.

The Away Messages are automated reply messages which can be customized by a business owner with different reply sentences or words. When a customer sends a message to a business owner and the business owner is not available to reply immediately, the Away Message sends back an automated reply message back to the customer.

The WhatsApp business App is not fully functional yet as WhatsApp is still working on it to develop it to perfect working condition before it will be fully available to users for download.

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