What Size Backpack For Travelling

Have you ever felt that you were wrong when you were traveling? Or even confused when choosing a suitable bag according to the needs at that time? For example, whether you will travel for business, travel or other purposes …

Before traveling, you should first identify the types of bags need and tips on choosing bags according to your traveling needs.

What size backpack for traveling: Tips for Choosing Traveling Bags as Needed

There are several types of bags on the market that are intended for traveling needs, especially when traveling for travel.

Backpack Bag

A daypack is also known as a backpack, backpack. The difference with carrier bags, the size of daypack bags is generally smaller, this type of bag usually has a capacity of around 18-24 liters.

This bag is suitable for travel that does not take long, about a day to two days.

Suitable for those of you who like to vacation by moving from one place to another or also commonly called a traveler.

Often, a daypack is also used as a carrier bag to store items that are often taken while traveling such as daily clothes, toiletries, travel documents, food to travel wallet. Some types of daypacks are also specific to carrying a camera or laptop, so it is safe even if carried on long trips.

The basic ingredients are also more diverse, ranging from canvas, denim, to cotton. So, you can be more stylish when using this type of bag on a tour.

Duffle Bag

A duffle bag is usually used for activities that require a large amount of equipment because this type of bag has a large size. The most famous function of duffel bag now is a bag for fitness, but you can also use it to travel far.

A distinctive feature of the duffel bag is the model that has one long or short strap to put on the shoulder or on a hand. In it, you can put all the holiday supplies.

This type of bag is also suitable for those of you who like to look for good spots to be photographed and require carrying all photography equipment, for example, this bag is the right choice.

But this type of bag has a weakness, namely, there is a buildup of load on one shoulder, so it is not as comfortable as a backpack when used to travel far.

Messenger Bag

This bag was first introduced by Martini Globe Canvas Company in the 1950s. The name messenger bag began to be famous in the 1970s after this bag was used by New York City couriers, because of its ability in terms of efficiency and multifunction.

At first, the material that is often used on messenger bags is canvas material, because this material is strong enough and resistant to weather. But along with the development of the fashion world, messenger bags are now available in various types and models.

This bag is almost similar to a sling bag, but messenger bags are usually used to carry equipment such as laptops, cameras, and smartphones when you travel.

Tips for Choosing Bags According to Vacation Destinations and Duration of Time

Choosing the right bag for the purpose of your vacation while traveling is one of the important factors to pay attention to for your safety and convenience.

If you choose the wrong bag, it can make you hassle yourself due to insufficient bags or even fatigue because too many are taken or wrong terrain travel.

To be suitable, consider the following factors in choosing a bag for traveling …

Bag Security and Comfort

Bag security is one of the most important factors when traveling, especially for those of you who like to climb. A bag must be designed in such a way as to accommodate the needs during the trip, as long as the travel time is determined and strong in the material.

In addition to safety factors, the comfort factor is equally important. Comfortable in this case is from the shape, material, and ergonomics or fit with the user’s body.

Bag Type

The next thing to consider is the type of bag. If you want to travel for more than a week, then choose a bag with a type of Duffle Bag. Bags like this can load a lot of things, so you can bring more clothes and equipment to stay in.

While if you only want to go 2 or 3 days, a day pack bag or backpack is enough. Backpacks are more flexible and can be taken everywhere. After all, you can’t bring up to 5 pairs of clothes for a 3-day vacation right?

If you travel in big cities with good and neat infrastructure, use a luggage bag to be easily carried by dragging along the sidewalk during the trip.

Bag Size

The third tip is to pay attention to the size of the bag. Calculate how long you will travel, so you can estimate how many items you will carry.

You don’t experience the name of a bag that is oversized or small, of course, this can minimize problems when you travel.

For holidays of 1 to 3 days, a medium-sized bag or more or less 20-50 liters is enough. But if it is up to 5 days, choose a bag that is slightly larger or more that fits 60-80 liters.

Well, if your trip turns out to take longer, choose the one that is 80 liters more because you need more goods.

Backpack Material

Furthermore, when choosing a bag, you must also pay close attention to the material. Pay attention to every detail of the stitches because you certainly don’t want your things to fall because of the bag seams that aren’t strong enough right?

Also, pay attention to the shoulders and back of the backpack because this area most affects the comfort when traveling.

A good backpack should have a frame on the shoulder to the shoulder so that the bag doesn’t feel too heavy when worn. The buffer also makes the bag more comfortable because the load is evenly distributed on your shoulders.

Size Based on Back

If you choose a backpack, adjust the size of the bag to the length of your back. Benchmark the length of the bag should be the same as the length of the base of the neck to the hip bone. With this benchmark, you can get a bag that matches your body size.

By using the right carry tool, your walk will be easier and more fun. Either the main bag or the complementary carry tool will make it easier for you to keep holiday equipment according to their benefits.

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