What Size Air Compressor Do I Need For Impact Wrench

You are looking for a compressed air compressor for an impact wrench? Here we would like to help you and explain the most important facts in this article. Because one thing is clear:
There is not only an impact wrench and accordingly, fits not only a compressed air compressor.
Both components should be coordinated so that you can get a good result or, of course, the work should be easy. This will save you some time and ultimately money. You can also read reviews of the best airbrush compressor.

What services does an impact wrench have?

Before you buy the compressor, you must first find out an impact wrench. Therefore, we would first like to show you which impact wrenches are there:

The required air pressure varies between 6.2 and 8 bar, whereby it can be seen that most impact wrenches operate at 6.3 bar.

Next, the manufacturers always specify the air requirement at maximum power. Here one usually finds values between 113 and 360 liters per minute.

What should be the tank capacity of the compressor?

Experience has shown that it is not only the output of the air that is important – the size of the tank is also important. Because with a larger tank you have a longer working time available. In that case, you do not have to wait for new compressed air to work.

However, you have to decide how important a continuous working time is to you. Because you should also be aware of one thing: The larger the compressor, the higher the initial cost. We can recommend here compressors from 50 liters or better 100 liters.

What output should the compressor have?

We have already stated above which air requirements the impact wrenches have. If you buy a compressor, then you must, of course, reach at least this value – if the power output is higher, then this is not a problem only less they should not be…

Note, however, that you do not confuse the power output with the intake power. The value of suction power is always greater than the power output. Therefore, always orient yourself at the indicated power output.

The required pressure

When printing the same statement applies as in the amount of air. Also, adjust to the pressure with which the impact wrench works and lay it down a bit. If you buy a compressor that has the maximum pressure of the impact wrench, then you could theoretically sometimes reach your limits.

If the pressure from the compressor is higher, then you can still switch a pressure reducer in between and the impact wrench will get a perfect pressure.

What you should pay attention to when using the compressor

Even with a good, large and high-quality compressor, you should always make sure that the hose has a sufficiently large diameter. Only then can enough air reach the impact wrench. Many wonders that the impact wrench can not achieve its performance, even though they have a good compressor.

In this case, the hose is often too thin or a spiral hose has been used. We would recommend a hose with a 13mm inner diameter.

Subtleties increase comfort

Now there are also compressors that have two connections for a compressed air hose. What is the meaning behind it? Quite simply: Then you could connect the impact wrench and, for example, a tire filler at the same time. This saves you the constant disconnecting and plugging.

Car repair shops appreciate this comfort very much.

Which power connection does the compressor need?

Finally, you should note that the compressors have different power connections. This is primarily due to the performance of the compressor. The smaller and weaker models usually only need a 240Volt connection, and the larger models with higher power often need a power connection.

buying criteria

When buying a pneumatic compressor for an impact wrench, you should keep in mind a few things that we’ve put together in short form:

  • The compressor should reach a pressure of 10 bar if possible
  • The power output should be at least as high as the impact wrench has air requirements
  • The compressor should have oil lubrication – so that at the same time the impact wrench is oiled
  • the higher the tank contents, the longer you can work continuously

In the interplay between pressure and power output, you should keep in mind that if you set a higher pressure, the power output will decrease. In the worst case, this could mean that you no longer have sufficient power at the pressure required by the impact wrench. To prevent this, you should look at the corresponding values ​​in detail before buying the compressor.


If you want to buy a compressor for an impact wrench, you should orientate yourself primarily on the performance of the already existing impact wrench. So choose a compressor that can generate this pressure. Because one thing is clear:

If you use an impact wrench that works with a lower pressure, you can regulate it with a pressure reducer. It is also important that the compressor reaches the power output required by the impact wrench.

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