What is The Best Electric Golf Cart to Buy

A golf cart is standard equipment for most players, as wearing the golf bag including food and accessories over a whole round, a significant amount of physical stress.

There are basically three different types of carts: the pull cart, the push cart or sliding cart and the electrically powered version, the electric cart.

what is the best electric golf cart to buy

A golf cart: what is it for?

A golf cart, whether it’s an electric golf cart with a golf cart battery or a simple 2-wheel golf cart, is an accessory that lets you move around with all your golf clubs.

Rather than having to carry everything – and yes, it can be rather heavy – you just have a golf cart. You will not regret it for a single second, know it.

What is the best electric golf cart to buy

To name only these brands. But know that you can also find the side of a decathlon golf cart. The real question to ask yourself is whether you want a model lithium electric golf cart, a remote control electric golf cart or a Trolem electric golf cart.

Pulling electric golf cart

The pull cart is the easiest way to carry your bag across the court and, as the name implies, is pulled by the golfer. It consists only of a frame with two wheels.

3 tips when choosing the pull cart

  • The handle should be adjustable in height.
  • For transport by car, small pack size is an advantage.
  • The weight of the cart should be noted as it must be pulled across the pitch in addition to the weight of the equipment. A model with a frame made of aluminum meets this criterion best.

The conclusion to the pull cart

This variant is cheap and thus suitable for beginners and for all who do not attend the golf course regularly.

Push/Sliding electric golf cart

The sliding cart offers a little more comfort than a pull cart due to its more comfortable posture. It consists of a frame with three wheels.

As an accessory, a score card holder is also recommended here and for those who want to go to the square not only in good weather, also an umbrella holder. It is important to pay attention to whether this is included in the purchase price or must be paid extra.

4 tips when choosing the push cart

  • Unlike carts, sliding carts often have a parking brake; This is a useful feature especially in hilly places.
  • Many players find it more comfortable to push a cart than to pull it because of their natural posture.
  • As with the drawing cart, the sliding cart also has to be lightly weighted because it has to be moved by the player in addition to the equipment.
  • For transport, small pack size is an advantage.

Push or sliding carts are usually slightly larger and heavier than cart/trolleys, but they offer better ergonomics and can be equipped with more accessories, such as a parking brake or an umbrella holder.

Electric Golf Cart

Electric reels are similar in appearance to the sliding carts but also have an electric drive, usually with two motors and a corresponding control to regulate the speed.

The frame is usually made of stainless steel or aluminum, but there are also models that use materials such as carbon or titanium. These models are already more of a luxury product and therefore relatively expensive, but do not bring any significant advantage on the golf course.

For the accessories, it is recommended to invest in a scorecard holder and, if possible, in an umbrella holder, as with the other two variants, if these are not included in the delivery. It should be noted that some manufacturers ask their customers once again vigorously to checkout.

5 tips for choosing the electric roller

  • In battery technologies, lithium batteries are state of the art; this should be taken into account when choosing the cart. Other battery technologies such as lead-acid batteries are no longer up-to-date due to their high weight and a shorter lifespan.
  • Since most manufacturers offer different batteries (for 18 or 36 holes), the following should be mentioned: If you do not want to play more than 18 holes in a day, you can choose the smaller version in good conscience, like these under normal load always for 18 holes will suffice.
  • With electric carts, there are basically two types of control to regulate the speed. In the knob control, the speed is controlled by turning a knob to the right or left. Keypad models have two buttons: pressing one or the other button will make the cart move faster or slower. Which variant you prefer is very individual and therefore can not be answered flat-rate; however, both types of controls work well in practice.
  • Price-wise, you should not orientate here the cheapest, well-processed electric reels with lithium battery and accessories start at about 900 dollars.
  • Even with the electrically operated variant is a small pack size of advantage.

The Conclusion to the electric

An electric golf cart is therefore suitable in principle for every golfer. Although it costs more than pulling or sliding carts, but also brings some advantages: The golfer can easily take more equipment, such as balls, drinks, and food on the ground, as the weight is transported by the cart. The player does not use his energy to pull or push the cart, he can use all his strength and focus on the essentials, the golf game.

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