What is a Palanca letter and how do you write one?

Palanca is the Spanish word for lever or impact. A Palanca letter is composed to lift up, bolster, and support a companion or relative. Generally given while on a religious withdraw or mission, Palanca letters can likewise be sent to somebody in jail.

Whoever the beneficiary, they are inconceivably enthusiastic and elevating. Palanca letters are not horribly long and are dependably profoundly inspiring.

What is a Palanca letter
What is a Palanca letter

Palanca letters are composed by one individual to another and the sender does not generally know the beneficiary. The sender never signs his full name, nor does he or she give an address or method for contact. A Palanca letter can be addressed to the person by name or it could be tended to as indicated by the particular occasion.

Why do you need to write a Palanca letter?

  1. To offer encouragement and hope to someone.
  2. To appreciate a person who has brought joy, happiness or has helped you or your family members.
  3. For spiritual lifting
  4. To express concern and offer some prayer to someone is a bad situation
  5. To share words of wisdom with someone.

Palanca letters can be composed to anybody needing support or profound lifting.

A parishioner on a religious mission could get a Palanca from kindred parishioners offering words of encouragement and support for a favoured adventure. You could compose a Palanca to somebody in jail as a method for lifting them up in the soul of the Lord. Most letters incorporate consolations of God’s adoration and offers of supplications.

Most people in some bad situations have taken their Palanca letter has a means of hope and they have found some form of happiness after reading the letter.

Despite the fact that you are keeping in touch with a man today supporting your beneficiary’s present excursion, your words might be as essential or considerably more so at future focuses in their life. While composing the letter, you should remember how impactful and supportive your words can be to somebody at a low point in their life.

How to write a Palanca

  1. Write the recipient name.
  2. Include a salutation.
  3. Write why the recipient is valuable and deserves your support.
  4. Explain how he/she exhibits goodness.
  5. Offer a gift of prayer or saying a rosary.
  6. Sign only your first name, never include an address or way to contact you.

When writing a Palanca letter do not forget these things

  1. Your letter should be short in length
  2. Only address your letter to one recipient
  3. Do Not include your last name, phone number, or address
  4. You can include a scripture in your letter
  5. You could give the recipient a small gift like bible verse bookmark.

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