What are Nas-Coal removed funds from a bank account?

The full meaning of NAS-COAL is National Account Service- Court Actions and Levies. It is the collection of an unpaid court order or levy by a debt collector.

In a situation whereby a debtor defaults to pay his/her creditor, the creditor can seek a court judgment. The court judgment is a written decision by a court stating that a borrower owes a creditor money.

Levy is a court order that authorizes law enforcement to seize or sell the borrower’s properties and turn over the proceeds to the creditor in exchange for the money owed by the borrower.

Levy can also be used to authorize a bank to freeze, seize or withdraw funds from a borrower’s bank account.

So if money has been withdrawn from your account by NAS-COAL then maybe you are owing to some debts. To be sure about this you can call your bank for more explanation on why money was withdrawn from your bank account by NAS-COAL.

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