Watch How a Comedian’s Mimicry of Narendra Modi Goes Viral

shyam rangeela

When the well-known stand-up comedian Shyam Rangeela chose Narendra Modi at the center of his acts to be presented in one of the episodes of the Great Indian Laughter Challenge, little did he know that his mimicry of the Indian prime minister will go viral and leave everyone in splits.

Shyam Rangeela was called on the sets of the show as part of one of the episodes as the channel was trying to garner more TRP’s. The renowned comedian did not have any audition process for himself as the channel had invited him not as a contestant but as a guest for performing comedy. He was really looking forward to the opportunity and spent a number of days to get his act together.

The entire incident left him by surprise because the show decided not to air his Narendra Modi act as they did not want to hurt the sentiments of some sections of people in the society. It somehow got viral and is all over the internet today. This particular episode has attracted more viewership than any other episodes on the Great Indian Laughter Challenge. In the video can be seen his mimicry along with the original mentors namely Mallika Dua, Zakir Khan, and Hussain Dalal. Apart from this, the video also showcases the Bollywood Khiladi, Akshay Kumar.

The entire episode has left the much love comedian in shatters as he shares it was his dream to be a part of the show. He claims to not have been involved with any political party in the country and the mimicry of the prime minister did not contain any offensive material. It was all meant to be taken in the right spirit. It is saddening to see how the upcoming young and fresh artists such as Shyam Rangeela are today stuck between their jobs and the politicians who do not want their names to be used for making people laugh. We wonder what is the way forward for them in the industry!

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