Want to Catch Catfish? Bait? Setup

Question: Im going cat fishing! I need to know some of the basics to catching these fish. Can someone give me some pointers to catching some monster cats. I’m really excited and pumped up to hit the lake again. I just need some good advice and ill be good to go. Please and thank you in advance.

Want to Catch Catfish

Posted by Darrel B:
When it comes to catching catfish it’s really all about how stinky your bait is. Catfish are bottom feeders and for the most part they will just use their scent glands to find what they are going to eat next. Anything you could think of that would be on the bottom of the lake or river and is stinky of decay.. More than likely a catfish is going to love it.

What I will do a lot of times is plan out my bait beforehand and choosing I’m going to fish and set it out in the sun for five hours before I’m going fishing. Things that sit in the sun that were once alive start to decay and smell horrible and that’s the key to catching catfish. I will use worms or crayfish or dead shrimp or anything you can imagine I’ve even heard of people just using chicken guts.

What you want to do is just cast out your bait so that it pretty much sits on the bottom and make sure that your line is not tight. Your bait needs to look like a realistic dead thing sitting on the bottom because remember that catfish are bottom feeders. Some people try to use a bobber but I’m not into that and I would just advise that you let your bait sit on the bottom.

As far as your question

When is the main time of day in which they bite.. I would say they are feeding all day long but more or less they won’t be feeding more at night time. A lot of bottom feeders you will notice come out more at night time because there are nocturnal and away. This way they can sneak up in the shadows without being seen because when the sun is out you can see them in Shallowater a lot easier and they are prone to other predators.

You have to remember they are just trying to look out for themselves to even though they don’t have that many enemies they still do have some like eagles and birds and such. A lot of catfish or actually invasive species because they just don’t have very many enemies in they feed all day long and do nothing but grow and sometimes eat other fish eggs on accident.

Cat fishing is actually super fun in my opinion in a lot of other fishermen look down upon it. Yes they are bottom feeders but they are actually quite amazing animals when you look into it and if you cook their meets properly they taste delicious. They commonly get the wrong nickname is a garbage fish because they just you everything in the bottom but is actually a lot of protein.

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