Top 5 Tips to Catching Huge Catfish for Beginners

I thought I’d give you some more catfishing tips for Catching Huge Catfish for Beginners.  You can find these and many more in my e-book, “Learn the Catfishing Secrets from the Master Anglers.”

1.  Riverbank fishing is more effective if your rod is at least 10 feet in length.

2.  If you fish with worms, cover them in soil or an old piece of fabric (I like cheese cloth!) to prevent the worms from coming off the hook as easily.

3.  I’m sure you’ve heard of folks using hot dog chunks to catch catfish.  They do work BUT don’t use them unless you know you’re dipping the bait into a group of catfish.  Hot dogs don’t work that well if the catfish have to swim many yards away to reach ‘em.  In my e-book, I cover what the best bait to use for drawing catfish in from large distances.

4.  If you’re fishing in the winter, use fresh fish cut into large chunks.  And fish DEEP.

5.  Circle hooks are the most popular hook for catfishing for a good reason.  The perpendicular end of the hook is capable of snagging the jawline of the catfish.

About the Author: I’m Greg. If you want to learn how to catch catfish, you’ve come to the right place. I know a thing or two about catchin’ ‘em. Everyone wanted to know my secrets and frankly, I got tired of repeating myself all over again! So I came up with this page to point people to where I can give ‘em the basics.

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