Things you should know before flying drone in India

Things you should know before flying drone in India

With the increasing technology, it is difficult to predict what surprises the technology hides. Well, one of the amazing technologies is the drone. You may already know about drone. It is quite easy to place a drone in any of the online shopping sites. However, flying the drone is not easy as getting the drone because you might come across a lot of rules and policies. Drones are everywhere from carrying things to delivering pizza. So, what you need to do? Just, keep on reading.

How do you buy a drone? 

In India, flying drone is illegal so don’t try to purchase it from the other countries. India has imposed strict rules for getting a drone from the other countries. Also, drones are listed under “Prohibited goods”. You can get civil drones online, which ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 only. people would like to use popular brands such as  DJI, GoPro and much more. Also, the need of drones may vary hence; you can browse the official website for more details.

Flying drone is not as easy as getting a drone. There are some proper guidelines on how to fly drones. DGCA has imposed some draft policy, which was released in 2016. So, whenever you are going to buy a drone, make sure that you have read all the rules and policies before starting your drone.

As you know, there are four types of drone, microdrone, Mini drone, small drone and large drone. Micro drone is generally used to carry small items because of the drone weight less than 2kg only. Similarly, the mini drone is next to the microdrone and it weights more than the mini-drone. If you would like to carry the thing that weight less than 20kg, then the mini drone is the ideal choice for you. Also, a small drone is another option for you. You can use the large drone for carrying heavy weight.

Well, you can buy any drones of your choice and of course, it does not a matter, but you will have to seek permission from the respective authorities.


How to register a drone? 

It is extremely easy to register a drone. All you have to do is get a Unique Identification Number. The first step involves registering a drone. On registering a drone, you will get a Unique Identification Number. By submitting a valid proof such as address proof and passport, you can get the UIN. After that, UIN will be written on the fireproof plate of the drone. Before flying drone, you should have the UIN, otherwise, it is considered as illegal. After that, you need to seek permission from a defense, civil and Air Navigation Service Provider. If you want to fly your drone in any land of property, then you should approach the land or property owner. You will be able to fly your drone after getting the permission only. Also, you need to seek the security clearance from civil authorities such as Bureau of Civil Aviation Security of India.

Be it a second-hand drone, recycled drone, commercial drone or even a recreational drone, you should have permission from all the authorities.

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