The typewriter makes a high-tech comeback

The of the typewriter is rarely heard these days.

Computers a softer melody. It is a little like listening to jazz in an elevator rather than a smoky club. Typing is easier on a PC than an Underwood, but the gets lost in the translation.

Brian Min understands.

While too young to really remember typewriters, the developer still loves the old machines. While he can’t really replicate the sound, he is trying to at least re-create the look of an old typewriter without sacrificing modern technology.


He has a Kickstarter campaign going to fund the Qwerkywriter, a computer keyboard that looks like a Jazz Age manual typewriter. Think Hildy Johnson in “The Front Page.”

“For those of us who truly enjoy the tactile act of typing, I want to show you a project that will bring a bit of fun back and excitement to your desktop computing experience,” he says on his Kickstarter site.

“I’ve been fascinated with vintage typewriters for some time, and I have to say they are just beautiful,” he adds. “I thought if I could somehow merge the two, now that would be fun and beautiful.”

Although he has a prototype assemble, the website Cult of Mac reports the Qwerkywriter won’t be available for more than a year. And when it is, it will sell for around $400.

The keyboard’s typewriter-like appearance allows to balance their iPads and other tablet devices where there would normally be a sheet of paper.

The Kickstarter campaign started out with a goal of $90,000 and has so far raised almost $130,000 with 469 backers.

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