The Secret About Online Golf Tips

In looking for online golf tips I always go back to one of my father’s sayings, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Everywhere you look, there are free golf lessons, online golf tips, and golf instructions of how to swing a golf club. Not only are beginning golfers looking for the “magic bullet” but, they want it for free.

Beginning golfers to mid-handicap golfers be the most aware as these players tend to look for any golf instruction information. Better players tend not to do this because they understand that not all information is good information. Before using any free information from the web, take your time. Once online, you need to be very careful with the experience and certifications of the golf instructor. Is it a PGA Golf Professional or someone just writing for their blog about their own experience?

So can you benefit from online golf tips? Where do you find them? First, think about what exactly it is that you would like to have help with. As with any search, the more specific the search the better matches will appear. Proceed to Google or your favorite search engine, and type your thought in the search bar. Obviously, you can then search the results for exactly what you want.

Another saying is you get what you pay for. This saying also screams to be cautious about the word free. Some very good instructors offer free online golf tips or golf lessons on their website. Again, you have to do your research about the author or instructor. Obviously, a Top 100 instructor is going to be giving you good information.

If you do not recognize the author, you can go to the homepage and search their database of PGA members. The PGA of America even offers a Specialty Certification in Instruction for their members to further educate and separate themselves.

The truth of the matter

If the professional or instruction is trying to get you into positions, I would stay away from it. The most important part of your golf swing is your golf club and the club face. The instruction that you are reading or taking should focus on these aspects.

If the shaft is moving in the right direction and the club face is in the proper position it really does not matter if you are standing on your head or not, the ball will be propelled in the proper direction.

Beginning golfers looking for online golf tips or online golf lessons can find some good information as long as they are careful. One good resource is This site was developed by PGA Professionals that have taught at such facilities as TPC at Sawgrass, TPC at The Woodlands, The Woodlands Country Club and The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail.

You can find free online golf tips and golf instruction articles. In addition, has created a member section that will give you golf instruction that is literally specific to your golf swing.

Beginning golfers and mid-handicappers can find great information online golf tips about the golf swing and short game. Make sure to do your homework about who the information is coming from and use common sense. Remember, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

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