Hackathons: Some cool ideas for Hackathons

Hackathons: Some cool ideas for Hackathons

A hackathon is an event in which programming architects, including visual fashioners, interface organizers, point experts, and others, cooperate genuinely on programming goals and advancement.

The goal of a hackathon is to make usable programming. Hackathons tend to have a specific focus, which can join the programming tongue used, the working structure, an application, an API, or the subject and the measurement social affair of the product engineers. In various cases, there is no impediment on the kind of writing computer programs being made.

Hackathons are not just solely about programming and technology, it is also an event where numerous energetic experts or understudies in Technology and Business Development effectively take an interest, make their pitches, includes their skill and work towards making an answer.

It is one such open door where you make numerous new companions from assorted foundations whom you would have never met, and take in new things from guides and colleagues. Most importantly, Hackathon encourages you to see an issue from various points of view and touch base with an answer.

Some cool ideas for Hackathons

There are lots and lots of ideas for Hackathons. A lot of innovative applications are yet to be discovered. Having great ideas of the next innovative app to develop or the next innovation to create is what Hackathons is all about.

In every sector of the world today there are still innovations that are yet to be discovered. Sectors such as technology, health, building and infrastructure, e-commerce, banking and finance, agriculture and others. There are still lots and lots of avenues to develop in all these sectors. Advancement and innovation is a never ending-entity. There is always something to do, and there are lots of applications still needed to be discovered and developed.

When thinking about an idea or ideas, there are things you need to note which are very important. These things are what will make your idea a success.


When thinking about an idea, you have to put into consideration what you think is very important and useful that people must have. You have to offer something that serves a need and not just a want. You need to do a deep research on what you think is lacking in the society, what is out there that people need but they have not found it yet. These are the areas you should look into and create solutions for them by developing on those ideas to come into actualization.

2. Shared values

Have people of like-minds and share your ideas with them. Let them know about your ideas so they can give more inputs or advice on how you can develop better on your idea. These help greatly as no one has the monopoly of knowledge.

3. Usefulness

How useful is your idea to the general public and to the economy?  What are the benefits of your idea to the general public or to someone who bought that particular thing you have developed from that idea. These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before developing on that idea.

4. Awesome and Exciting

Your idea should be something that people like and are excited about it. It should be something that looks wonderful and pretty to the eyes. People should be excited to get it. Just like how exciting it is when someone gets a new beautiful smartphone.

5. Originality

Let your idea by original. If your idea is not original, society will not accept it with full arms because they know that similar idea is already in existence so they will rather make do with the idea they already know about. Do deep research on what is available and what is not. Developing similar things on what already is in existence will not yield adequate success. Make adequate research and findings so you can come up with an original innovation.

6. Update Consistently

This means your idea has to be able to grow. Technology and innovations are always evolving and advancing so your idea should as well be able to advance to meet the newest technological standard. Every idea or products need a consistent and continuous update.

7. Monetizable

Your idea should be able to generate income for you. Unless you are just trying out a pet project with your idea or you want to use it as a form of public service. FaceBook was an idea by Mark Zuckerberg and today he is one of the richest men on earth because of that singular idea he had some few years back. That idea you have could change your life financially.

8. Ability to Solve a problem

Have an idea that will be able to solve a problem. This is the most important reason why an idea is thought about in the first place. It should be able to make things easier for its users and the public in general. Your idea should make the lives of people to be easier. Through your idea, people should be able to live a simpler and more effective lifestyle.

9. Improvable

You should be able to improve on your idea as time goes on. Ideas are dynamic and they can always be improved on. That application you have an idea about, there is a way you can improve more on it.

10. Offer people a better version of themselves

Offer to people what they think was not possible before. Let them feel good and happy buying your idea. They should feel better that they are using your idea and not feel unhappy about it.

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