Shark Vacuum Reviews for Smart Buyers

Are you having a hard time deciding on the best vacuum to buy?

Have you been reading vacuum cleaner reviews, but there wasn’t any clear “winner”?

I don’t know about you, but when I’m buying a product I usually look up its reviews. As I was researching best-rated vacuum cleaners I came across Shark vacuum reviews and I have to say that customer testimonials really won me over.

Did you know that only a very small portion of buyers ever writes reviews? The estimated percentage is about 0.075%, so if a house appliance has more than 700 customer reviews, 600+ of which rate it with four stars or more… that really gets my attention.

Which product is that? The best upright vacuum cleaner, of course

Shark vacuum reviews – the condensed version

Shark Vacuum Reviews for Smart Buyers
Shark Vacuum Reviews for Smart Buyers

So here’s the lowdown on Shark navigator, the most popular Shark vacuum. (Hint: you can find other Shark vacuum reviews by clicking on links at the bottom of this page)

  • Perhaps you saw the “never loses suction” claim and you think it’s kinda cool, but when you experience the sucking power of Shark Navigator for yourself you will know why this is so important. This baby will get dirt and dust clumps out of your carpet that you never imagined were there and the only way to do that is with some serious sucking power.
  • Shark Navigator really shines in getting dirt and pet hair out of carpets and furniture. When you clean the carpet and it looks better than when the cleaners cleaned it… Well, it makes you think.
  • It will do a fine job on the hardwood floor as well, though if you have a long-haired pet I have to warn you that in some positions the exhaust vent in the front of the vacuum can blow pat hair away from the vacuum. This is a common issue among upright vacuum cleaners. Of course you can still easily vacuum pet hair – just be aware of where the exhaust vent is.
  • Don’t worry if you never had a bagless vacuum before. You can empty the dust cup with a push of a button, just make sure you do it outside or else put a bag over it otherwise some of the tiny particles will find their way back into your home’s atmosphere.

Other than that you wash two sponge filters once every three months and replace another one every twelve months. And for this modest effort Shark Navigator guarantees 99.99% sealed system where the allergens get in but won’t get out.

If you have spent any time reading Shark vacuum reviews or for that matter ANY vacuum reviews you will know that for every model there are also plenty of people for whom the flaws outweigh the benefits. But even though there is no perfect vacuum, in my opinion Shark Navigator is pretty darn good, especially considering its price. Go on, check it out.


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