Seniors Can Benefit From These Coverage Strategies

The American population is aging rapidly, and as a result, we will have an increasing number of older motorists out on the road in coming years. Here are safety and car insurance tips for senior drivers.

Take advantage of discounts.

Some auto insurers will provide discounted premiums to seniors, usually beginning at age 55 or 60. Your insurer won’t automatically apply this discount to your policy, so make sure you contact your agent when you are eligible.

If you limit your driving

ask about a low-mileage policy. Drivers tend to limit the extent of their commuting as they age, but they hold onto their vehicle for short trips to the store, the doctor, etc. If you don’t drive that often, you may qualify for a low-mileage discount with your insurer.

Purchase the right car.

One of the pieces of advice older individuals are usually pretty good about heeding is upgrading their vehicles to accommodate their changing needs. For example, those with back problems will be more comfortable in supportive car seats that adjust and respond to the driver’s unique shape. Similarly, an individual might trade in a high-profile vehicle for a more modestly sized car in order to maximize accessibility.

Know your limits.

If you have trouble seeing at night, then you obviously should avoid driving in the dark. Keeping your driving record clean is the best driving tip you’ll ever receive, so avoid risky situations for which you know you are ill-equipped.

Have your vision tested regularly.

Some states mandate regular vision testing for mature drivers in order to qualify for license renewal. However, even if your state does not require it, you should still have your vision tested regularly. If you suffer from glaucoma or cataracts, you should not operate a vehicle unless you have the express permission of your physician to do so.

Take a mature driving safety course.

Your car insurer may not provide you with the discount unless you take a mature-driver safety class. This class is similar to a defensive driving class but focuses mainly on the issues that seniors face.

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