Save environment and money by using compost toilet systems

When you don’t have access to the main sewage system and want to save on water, composting toilets is the best solution of your needs. There are many places around small cities where you need to build your own sewage system. People who love the outdoor living space/gardens would love the idea of having a good food for their soil while saving a lot of money on water. If you are passionate about DIY (do-it-yourself) projects then composting toilets can offer these benefits on the long run:

Benefits of composting toilet:

  1. The composting toilet greatly reduced water storage or supply costs. You can save upto 60% of costs in this connection.
  2. There is a possibility of a rebate for community sewage charges.
  3. Production of compost, in many systems the ability to compost vegetable peelings and garden trimmings with toilet wastes.
  4. The suction air flow in most composting toilets takes toilet and bathroom odor out of the room and acts like a constant extraction fan.
  5. As end product is recycled, it is a valuable humic fertiliser that can be utilised around trees and gardens
  6. A household with a composting system is independent from potential problems of the waterborne sewage system.
  7. composting systems are much more flexible, they are easier to fix and have less damage potential if operated incorrectly.
  8. The composting toilet possesses the ability to recycle much of your household waste. Food scraps, paper, lawn clippings and grease from you grease traps and greywater systems can be composted back through the toilet.
  9. These benefits improve conditions for the individual, the community and the environment.

Advantages to the environment:

  1. The widescale use of composting toilets would be very beneficial to the environment.
  2. Reduced water use would minimise storage and piping impacts.
  3. Elimination of sewage would reduce nutrient flows into river and oceans and subsequent rejuvenation of marine systems.
  4. Despite of the initial costs, a good saving comes in the long term with the reduced water use costs, non-existent sewage costs, and the ability to produce valuable nutrient humus.

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