Remodeling Your Swimming Pool Area Inexpensively

Your backyard swimming pool is a focal point in your landscape. You want the poolside patio area to look pristine, and you want to have attractive and comfortable furnishings on display. To make your pool more inviting, you may want to do a bit of remodeling. here are ways you can remodel your swimming pool area without blowing your budget.

Stain your patio area

Remodeling Your Swimming Pool Area Inexpensively

The patio area surrounding your pool will become faded and dull over time. A quick stain in any hue can make a huge difference. If you have a decorative rock patio, then a clear varnish can make the rocks shine like new again. A wooden patio can be power washed then stained in its natural hue, or painted a new, bold color such as stark white, slate gray, or even turquoise. This simple remodel both makes your pool area more attractive and protects your patio against weather elements.

Add colorful umbrellas

A few cheeky umbrellas in bold, lustrous hues not only offer shade, they make your pool area more fun! Add a few umbrellas along your patio, using brackets to hold the handles in place. You can also lean umbrellas in heavy tall vases around your patio for a charming appeal that offers needed sun protection whenever you are out on the water.

Forget the wicker

Wicker furniture is common and dated, and can take away from your poolside enjoyment. Opt for acrylic or resin-based furniture instead in a clean wood finish to modernize your pool area. Complete the look with bold patterns, such as dusty blue, black, or even gold cushions, and you have yourself a poolside that is so inviting you may not even want to get in the water at all.

Add foliage

Potted plants add dimension to your pool area and give it a fresh, tropical appeal. Great poolside plants include

  • Hibiscus
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Bamboo
  • Papyrus

When choosing plants for your pool, try to avoid shedding plants so you don’t get leaves in your pool. You will also want to choose pretty blooms, but keep them away from chairs and tables so curious bees don’t interrupt your relaxation.

Your pool area can be made gorgeous with just a few simple remodeling upgrades. From adding inviting plants to replacing outdated wicker furniture, you can make your pool like like new again. A poolscaping expert like Charlottesville Aquatics Pools Spas & Billiards can help you design the best pool area on any budget so you can love your pool and what it does for your landscape.

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