Planting a Butterfly Garden

Butterflies are easy to attract to your yard when you have the right plants they need for shelter, food and laying their eggs. They are important for gardens because they’re pollinators, as important as honeybees. Here’s a look at creating the best habitat for butterflies.

Butterfly Garden

The warmth of the sun helps butterflies thrive. Choose a sunny location with good soil for your garden. A spot that has shelter from strong winds will help the butterfly when it is in its early stages, as a larvae or caterpillar. Tall plants, a wall, fences or trees can provide a wind break and also serve as a shelter for the butterfly in all its stages.

Water is also necessary for the butterflies

They can get it from dew on plants, puddles and even from mud. A nice addition to your garden would be a shallow birdbath for them to drink from. Place several stones in your garden. The butterfly will drink water that pools on the stones.

Some common plants that are great for attracting butterflies are phlox, butterfly bush, zinnias, coreopsis, asters, black eyed susan, lilac, cosmos, and yarrow. Different species of butterflies are attracted by different plants. If you want a particular type of butterfly, do some research on what plants they are attracted to the most. By planting a variety of annuals, perennials, shrubs and bushes, you can have several species living in your yard and pollinating your flowers.

The best way to take care of your butterfly garden is to avoid chemicals that can hurt the butterflies, get into the soil and even hurt other insects and birds. By adding plants to your garden that attract the insects and birds that control pests naturally, you are providing a ecosystem that can eliminate the need for chemicals and that restores balance naturally.

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