Outdoor activities help children more dynamic

Today, parents, especially in the city, tend to prevent their kids from playing outdoor games. The reason why they don’t want their kids to participate in outdoor games is fear of illness, the ability of adapting to the change of weather, external environment’s pollution, which may affect the health of their children. They often choose different types of toys that can be playeds indoors and consider it as safe and effective solution.

But this point of view or educational method has many shortcomings. Because parents are too worried about the health of their kids, they forget practical benefits from playing outside. The recent research pointed out that, to ensure the normal development of children, the parents must allow children to take part in physical activity at least 1 hour per day. So, what benefits do outdoor activities provide your kids?

Firstly, children become healthier and more active

When your kids participate in outdoor activities such as jumping on the trampoline, climbing, running, it helps the kids develop more completely, improve more physical and mental skills compared with kids playing indoors.

Increase vision

If your kids play in the house, they often watch television, use the technological products like iPhone, iPad, or simply light conditions that make children’s visibility significantly reduce, influence their eyesight. Besides, when they are playing outside, with sunshine, distant visibility, their vision is improved.

Increase Vitamin D absorption and make bones strong

We all know, the human body synthesizes vitamin D through sunbathing. Thanks to Vitamin D synthesis, the body can absorb calcium, which helps bones healthy and strong. Therefore, outdoor activities are particularly good for children, because it is the time when the baby’s bones are in the process of development. However, parents should set appropriate time for the kids to play outside and avoid the effects of ultraviolet rays that affect your baby’s skin.

Make children more sociable and adaptable with new environment

Unlike indoor games, outdoor games can help children socialize with more friends and increase the interaction with others, which help children become more sociable with friends, overcome the risk of autism of children.

Children often are very active and eager to learn, explore new things. If they only play indoors, they always focus on one type of toy that lead to negative impact on their spirit and imagination. To deal with shortcomings of playing indoors, there are some options of outdoor games that parents can remember include:

Playing with the toys with wheels: There are a lot of toys for children to play outsides such as scooter, 2 or 3-wheel bikes and more. All of them can be a good choice for children.
Walking: Walking is not only a form of a picnic, but also a great exercise for children. Through this exercise, the leg muscles, bones and joints of baby become firmer and stronger. The length of walking will depend on the age and time children have practiced before.
Going to the park, participate in collective activities: This is an interesting physical activity that children should experience weekly. In the park, children can have fun with friends of the same age and participate in available games and so on.

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