New York Sports Club Membership Fee

New York Sports Club Membership Fee

When we talk about New York Sports Club Membership Fee we consider the initiation fee and the annual fee. One has to pay $50000 as initiation fee at the Core Club and $17000 annually for full membership. Fee at the University Club is $1000 – $5000 a year.

The membership board will scrutinize the application for membership and the board will interview the applicant. The board will determine whether the applicant can be a member and the existing members also should agree. Once the applicant receives the official invitation from the board he can pay the initiation fee and the annual dues.

Guest Card Fee payable by Reciprocal Members

Reciprocal Members are allowed to use the facilities at NYAC for maximum 14 nights in 12 months. The reciprocal members should provide name of member, membership number and date of arrival as well as departure.

Reciprocal Members can get Guest Card passes by paying $15.00 per day for up to 5 people per pass. The additional guests may get additional guest card by paying $15.00 per day. Reciprocal Members can also get weekly guest passes for seven days by paying $15.00 per pass. For Reciprocal Members the Guest Card Fees are in addition to social, athletic and food and beverage fees.

Access to various New York Sports Club Membership Fee

The New York Sports Club Membership Fee for access to the NYC clubs is $99.99 for a month. Those who pay this fee can access all NYC clubs. The monthly fee for access to a single club is in the range $69.99 – $79.99. Planet Fitness offers few different options for club membership.

A Black Card member will pay $10 as startup fee. He will also pay a

New York Sports Club Membership Fee
New York Sports Club Membership Fee

monthly fee at the rate of $19.99 a month for minimum of 12 months. Thus the Black Card member will pay $249.88 annually. Black Card membership provides some exciting benefits also.

Membership Policies

The membership policies vary according to the type of membership, enrollment date, and location of the club. Sports Club members can cancel their memberships as per agreed terms and conditions.

Members can change the type of their memberships and either upgrade or downgrade their memberships based on agreed terms. The clubs ensure the members the best value for the fees they pay.

The clubs invest the annual fee amounts in their programs and equipment so as to provide better facilities to members. Members can cancel the no obligation type memberships at any time. They should provide prior notice to the sports club within the time frame mentioned in the agreement.

New York Sports Club Membership Fee For Student

Discounted New York Sports Club Membership Fee is applicable for students. The local gyms and recreation centers offer a discount to the students. The students may search and find out the gyms that offer membership discounts for students.

‘24 Hour Fitness’ offers membership at selected locations for a discounted membership fee of $32 per month for 12 months. Here they offer 24 x 7 access to personal training, studio classes, fitness consultation and custom workout app. Students must provide their ID and also pay $50 as an annual fee. See Also: best running watches reviews

At ‘Gold’s Gym’ students can avail 50% discount at selected locations. This Gym provides 24×7 access to students. The facilities provided here include boxing area, group cycle, group exercises, resistance machines, cardio equipment, personal training, free weights, circuit training and nutrition counseling.

The annual membership fee is $30 at this gym. ‘Anytime Fitness’has fixed discounted fee of $35 per month for students. There will be slight variations in the fee at different locations. This gym offers 24×7 access and the facilities provides include personal training, cycling, Zumba, cardio classes, yoga and body conditioning. Students can have 7-day free trial of this gym before taking membership. ‘Snap Fitness’ also offers student membership for $35 per month plus one-time program fee and access card fee. This gym offers 24×7 access.

Equinox Gym Membership

Equinox is a luxury gym chain in America. In New York there are 33 locations of Equinox. The members need to pay $200 – $300 as initiation fee and $160 – $250 per month as monthly fee. This gym is known for its exclusive amenities including spa and classes conducted by former Olympians.

It is something special to be a member of Equinox. Each location of Equinox has different benefits such as pools, hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms. The pool attracts many people to Equinox. Equinox provides the best equipments for cardio, stretching and strength training.

At Equinox members need not rush to sign up for the classes. They can check-in, book the class, search for clubs and schedule their training using the app. In addition to the New York Sports Club Membership Fee, at Equinox one has to pay for the spa also.

During the cardio session members can also watch TV, go through the news, go on Facebook or listen to podcasts. Non-members can also access the spa by paying extra. The Equinox Spa offers a variety of packages including facials, massages, manicures, waxing, teeth whitening and eyelash extensions.

The snack bar offers salads, smoothies, hot meals and granola bars. Members have to pay extra for the snacks.

Guest Privileges at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness offers a lot of guest privileges for those who have Black Card membership. There are different options for paying New York Sports Club Membership fee to ‘Planet Fitness’. Those who have Black Card membership can take one guest everyday to any location for free.

The website provides information pertaining to different types of membership and guest privileges offered for each type of membership.

The guest must be minimum 18 years of age. In the case of children who are 13 or above, the parent or legal guardian must accompany. The guests can access the equipments. However, they cannot access other facilities such as tanning, massage chairs, etc.

The members who are without Black Card membership are not allowed to bring guests to all locations. The guests should stay with the member who brought them to the club.

Black Card Membership

The fee for Black Card membership is $19.99 a month and provides access to all 700 locations of Planet Fitness. The members can upgrade their Planet Fitness membership online. Apart from bringing a guest every day, those who have Black Card membership can access massage chairs, Hydro-massage bed, Total Body Enhancement beds, tanning and 50% discount for all cooler drinks.

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