New BMW definitely sorta steampunky or something

If H.G. Wells designed German sports cars instead of time machine, the result would have looked an awful lot like the new BMW Z4.

As a matter of fact, has anyone seen Herb lately?

He might have slipped away from the 19th century and started working for the Polish designer Carlex. The website Digital Trends reports that the MBW Z 4– what with its copper-highlighted dashboard, exposed rivets, and sprocket-shaped accents — looks suspiciously like something out of a steampunk novel.

The website reports that even the roll bars, door handles, shift knob and iDrive control dohickey are made out of copper or brass. Even the seat belts and interior stitches are color-matched, Digital Trends reports.


Executives at Carlex call the idea “Punk Z,” decorating the interior with dulled metals with deep, rich leathers and fabrics. Digital Trends reports it’s the same scheme as a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.

The website reports the term “steampunk” was first used in 1987, the year the BMW Z1 Roadster debuted.

Carlex has designed creating everything from a futuristic, Tron-like BMW Alpina to a velvety, sorbet-colored Ferrari Italia.

Company execs tell the website they want ” develop the most unique car interiors, starting from a draft [and] ending on complete project realization.

“In our designs, e always want to the show individual character of the car owner and his car, far beyond the offer of car manufacturers.”

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