Make Money Using Google AdSense

This is second part of online making money series. It is not new for many but I write this post for newbies who want to earn using Google AdSense. If you have a website or blog with fresh and unique content and receive visitors on your blog daily then you can monetize your content using Google AdSense (GA) Program.

How to Earn from Google AdSense ?

It is a PPC (pay per click) Advertising network that means you are paid for every click on ads which are provided by adSense. Price of every click depends on different factors like Advertise on which you receive a click , location of visitors etc. If your mostly traffic is from European Countries like (USA, UK, Canada and Australia etc) then you will be paid high and if your visitors are from Asian and poor countries like India Pakistan and Bangladesh etc (Sometimes called Garbage Traffic) You will be paid some cents only. But still GA paid more than other PPC networks. So it is a best option for you. You can also trust on it as you know it is a big Company and working since last 10 years successfully.

When your amount is reached on the threshold that is USD $100, your payment is send via selected payment option. GA pay you monthly that means after a month your payments are checked. If they are more then threshold then issued to your account.

Google publisher AdSense account is absolutely Free for every one. You can apply for your account any time but you will get approved only if your site meets the given policy of this program. Read their terms and policies here.

In my next post I will write on how we get approved account of Google AdSense as it is only possible if you strictly follow their policies and take care of your site. I share some important tips on it.

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