List of Best Portable Apps in 2017-18

LibreOffice Portable

There are some apps and programs that don’t have to be installed on your PC. These apps or programs can be stored anywhere in an external storage such as a USB flash drive, an SD card, or a networked drive. They can also be stored in the cloud such as OneDrive and DropBox. These programs or apps are referred to as Portable apps.

There are many advantages of Portable apps, the advantages range from easy switch between different computers to non-interference with any other programs that have already been installed on a computer. Portable apps work on computers with users restrictions.

List of some of the top-best portable Apps in 2017-18

1. LibreOffice Portable.

LibreOffice Portable

Download LibreOffice Portable:

LibreOffice Portable is a Microsoft Office substitute which can be used on any computer. You can store it in an external storage such as flash drive or can be stored in the cloud such as OneDrive where you can access it from anywhere and with any computer.

LibreOffice is similar to Microsoft Office so it has similar features with Microsoft Office though there are few features lacking in it.

2. GIMP Portable.

GIMP Portable

Download GIMP Portable:

This is a portable app which is used for image editing at any time from any place. It is the most popular image editor packaged as a portable app. You can take your image with you and do your editing on the go.

It is used for image editing tasks such as image composition, image authoring, photo retouching, paint program, quality photo retouching program, mass production image renderer, image format converter and many more functions.

3.  VLC Media Player Portable.

VLC Media Player Portable

Download VLC Media Player Portable: 

VLC Media Player Portable is a portable app which is used to play any kind of audio or video file or stream. It plays all format of files with ease.

With VLC Media Player Portable you can take your audio and video files along and play them on the go. It can be stored on a USB flash drive, hard drive or on the cloud and can be used on any computer at any time and any place.

4.  CCleaner Portable.

CCleaner Portable

Download CCleaner :

CCleaner Portable is a portable cleaner used to clean computers and laptops which appears to be slowing down. It is the pocket version of CCleaner. It is a portable toolkit which can run on any computer. It comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

It is an excellent toolkit for cleaning and erasing unused files in order to create free space and make the system run faster without hanging or wasting time. You don’t need to install CCleaner, you can just run it from your storage device and access all its features and functions.

5.  Google Chrome Portable.

chrome portable

Download Google Chrome Portable:

Google Chrome Portable is the mobile version of the normal Google Chrome. It is packaged as a portable app in order to have a browsing experience on the go. It can be stored in a USB flash drive or in cloud for immediate access.

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