List of Best MAC Apps

List of Best Mac Apps

There are lots and lots of good and awesome apps for Mac devices. Did you just bought a Mac laptop but you don’t know exactly the best apps you need to download and install on the laptop?

Each app has different functionalities depending on the features you’re seeking for in an App and what kind of job you do.

List of Best MAC Apps

In general, we are going to look into the best Mac Apps for productivity and for your satisfaction.

1. Safari

Download Safari here:

After buying a new Mac laptop, the next thing that comes to mind is; “what is the best browser I need to download?

2. DropBox

Download DropBox here:

Do you want to get all your files stored in an easy and organized manner, then DropBox is a good app you should install in your laptop?  DropBox brings all your files in a centralized place so that any file you are looking for can be easily retrieved.

DropBox syncs all your files across all your devices so that you can easily access them anytime and anywhere.

3. iPassword

Download iPassword here:

Everybody wants to secure and safeguard their information. You want to create an account and login to a site, then you need a password. You want to prevent unauthorized access into your phone or Mac book, you also need a password. Each and every one creates different passwords almost every day for different purposes.

iPassword is a password manager for Mac and it works by creating one master password that grants you access to all other passwords. These passwords can be randomly generated by the iPassword as there’s no need to remember these other passwords. With the master password from your iPassword which is only accessible to you, you can easily access all other passwords.

iPassword enables you to store credit cards information, important serial numbers, secure notes and other information which are important to you.

4. Alfred

Download Alfred here:

Alfred is an award-winning app for Mac which boosts work efficiency, text expansion, key-words and lots more. It makes quick calculations, searches clipboard history, finds and open files quickly, controls iTunes media and creates custom searches. This is definitely an app you’ll want to download and install in your Mac device.

5. iTunes

Download iTunes here:

Everybody listens to music every day either at home or in the car, or in the office. We all listen to music sometimes in order to clear the brain or for our listening pleasure. If you want to listen to millions and millions of good music on your Mac laptop, iTunes app is a great app to have downloaded in your Mac device. It allows you to stream millions of music online.

If you want to organize your digital media collections, iTunes is the number 1 world’s easiest media collection organizer. iTunes is specifically for Apple and Mac products.

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