Learn how to increase memory power of brain

How to sharpen your brain and enhance its memory power?

You must have some of the relatives and friends, who are blessed with a strong memory. You must have felt an envy about those people, and wondered, how to increase memory power of brain.

Research suggests, the extent of the memory power of an individual depends on the vitality and health of the brain. This implies, there are definite course of action that can boost these aspects and improve your memory power by a significant extent.

Fortunately, these measures are simple to execute and if followed for a fair extent of time can produce the  most delightful results.

How to increase memory power of the brain?

How to Increase Memory Power of Brain
How to Increase Memory Power of Brain

If you are wondering, how to increase memory power of brain, here comes some simple yet effective e measures that will enable you accomplish this objective:

  • Offer chances for workouts to the brain: by the time and individual reaches adulthood, he/she has acquired millions of neural pathways. These pathways help an individual to process and recall facts and information faster.

In addition, these pathways enable an individual to perform any routine tasks with the minimum effort. However, just relying on these pathways, you are depriving your brain of the stimulations that are necessary for the growth and development of the brain.

Hence, you need to engage yourself in brain stimulating activities. When you do that you not only learn something new, but, it paves the way for skill development. IN addition, it comes helpful for strengthening the learning mechanism that the brain follows.


  • Be regular with your physical workout regime: it has been found that physical workouts come highly effective in sharpening the brain. It elevates the extent of oxygen supply to the brain. In addition, prevents the chances of any disorders of the brain, helping it to stay healthy. Likewise, with regular workouts , you can overcome stress and boost the healthy brain chemicals.


  • Ensure that you have adequate and sound sleep” another very important point is that you must have adequate and quality sleep. For adults, at least 6 hours of sound sleep are a necessity. It produces complete rejuvenation of the fatigued and exhausted brain.


  • Maintain stress and strain: probably the most stringent challenge for the brain health are that of the stress and strain. So, you need to put your best efforts to overcome these challenges. Give quality time to your family members, try to maintain a balance between work and personal lives, and don’t overdo things.

Most importantly, you must have a routine time for activities that comes within the areas of your interest. Don’t burden yourself with unrealistic expectations that are impossible to achieve. Most importantly, rather than getting into multi-tasking, focus on a single task at a time.

The points stated above are the most effective answer  to the question how to increase memory power of brain.  These simple suggestions, if followed in the right manner can produce the most delightful outcomes within the shortest span of time.

What should I eat to increase memory power?

As an answer to the question, how to increase memory power of brain, experts suggest that you need to adopt such diet enhances the  memory power of the brain.

  • Fatty Fish: you must include fishes like Sardine, Trout, and, Salmon that comes loaded with Omega-3 fatty acid. More than 2/3rd of the brain is made of fats and it is majorly of the Omega-3 type. This acid comes helpful in boosting the nerve and brian cells, enhancing your power to recall things with the least effort.


  • Coffee: the antioxidant and caffeine contents of the brain comes very helpful to the brain health and vitality. It stabilizes the mood, enhances alertness, as well as enhance the power to concentrate. This is for the reason that coffee is loaded with natural antioxidants.


  • Blueberries: in addition to its exotic taste, Blueberries come with manifold benefits to the physical and brain health..


  • Turmeric: it contains Curcumin which can enter the brain directly and boost the health and vitality of the brain. This anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound can enhance the memory power of the brain manifold. In addition, turmeric boost the growth of brain cells as well as eliminated depression and improve the mood.

How can I sharpen my brain?

In addition to the question, how to increase memory power of brain, another question that you are likely to have is how to get a sharper brain. Here come the key tricks and tips to follow to accomplish that objective:

  • Research suggests aerobic workouts have the potential to enhance the sharpness of the brain. Most importantly, aerobic workouts for 15 to 20 minutes on a daily basis, reduced the chances of Alzheimer’s disease by more than 50%. So, a routine of daily aerobic workouts will offer dual benefits for the physical and brain health.


  • A very important tip in this regard that you must engage yourself in stimulating conversations. This is probably the most engaging and easy ways to stimulate the brain cells so that it stays healthy and agile. Try to meet new people and get into engaging communications with them.


  • Offer chances to your brain to analyze various situations, and try to find solutions to those issues. It comes very effective in boosting the perception as well as sharpens your intelligence. Most importantly, you will be ready with multiple solutions to a single problem to one challenge.


  • Most importantly, you must ensure that your brain is getting adequate rest. Though, stimulating the brain is very important, however, excessive stimulation can exhaust the brain. If such instance happens, it will automatically degrade the sharpness of the brain and retard its memory power. Over exhaustion of brain can produce the most devastating outcomes.

Your brain health has a significant effect on the quality of the life you enjoy. Hence, as you take care of your physical health, it is equally important that you care about the health and vitality of the brain as well.



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