Learn how much does a hair transplant cost & how long does hair transplant last

How much does a hair transplant cost and how long does hair transplant last?

Want to know how much does a hair transplant cost? The cost of a hair transplant varies within the range $4000 – $15000. The cost of hair transplant depends on various factors. However, the cost mainly depends on the quantity of hair one is removing.

There are no insurance plans to cover hair transplants because the insurance companies consider hair transplantation as a cosmetic procedure. How much does a hair transplant costs? In fact it is the cost involved in moving hairs from one area of the body to another area. In the US this procedure is followed as a remedy for male baldness. When the entire scalp requires transplanted the cost of the procedure will increase significantly.

Further, the cost of hair transplantation depends on the type of the procedure adopted for hair transplant – Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The surgeon with more experience and expertise will naturally charge more for hair transplant.

Location is another factor that affects the cost. When there are a lot of hair transplant surgeons the prices will be comparatively lower due to competition. One has to consider the travel expenses to and from the clinic also.

Cost of hair transplant will be higher in the places where the cost of living is high. Those who undergo hair transplant have to stay away from work for 3 – 5 days. The patients may use surgical caps to cover the fresh wounds. Immediately after the hair transplant the patient may stay indoors for three days.

Hair loss occurs due to genetics as well as lifestyle. By avoiding stress one can prevent hair loss. Balanced diet is also essential for healthy hair. The diet must be rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and low in carbohydrates.

High success rate

How much does a hair transplant cost?

How much does a hair transplant cost
How much does a hair transplant cost

You will get correct information If you search how much does a hair transplant cost on Google. In this article, we will explain to you how much does a hair transplant cost.

We found that the cost of hair transplant varies within the range $4000 – $15000. When a procedure is so expensive it is quite natural that people are eager to know its success rate. The fact is that hair transplant has a really impressive success rate.

The success rate of hair transplant is an impressive 98%. When the procedure is carried out in the proper way 98% success is possible. After the transplant, normally it takes one full year for the hair to fully grow.

The success of the transplant is judged from the appearance of the patient’s head. Prior to going for the transplant, each patient will be anxious to know the success rate of hair transplant. The success of hair transplant mainly depends on onthe number of hair follicles available and their viability also. Of course, the skill and experience of the surgeon in placing the hair grafts is the most important aspect.

As a result of a successful hair transplant, the patient will not think about his hair daily after one year. Successful hair transplant will boost up the self-image and self-esteem of a man. Proper extraction, as well as dissection of the hair follicles, is very important to ensure a higher yield of grafts.

The hair transplant procedure may take a few hours to complete. If the area is swollen the surgeon will inject medicine to heal the swelling. The surgeon will prescribe medications to control pain and antibiotics to prevent infection.

Hair transplant will not work for all

How much does a hair transplant cost and what is the success rate of hair transplant? After getting the answer for these two questions people who have bald head are likely to opt for hair transplant.

But as a matter of fact hair transplant will not work for all. Since the existing hair of the patient is used for transplant it will not work for those with widespread baldness. Transplant won’t work on those who underwent chemotherapy or other medications and lost their hair.

If there are thick scars on the scalp from injuries, hair transplant will not work. The purpose of hair transplant is to restore hair when balding or thinning occurs naturally. About 10 to 80 percent of the transplanted hair will grow fully in 3 – 4 months.

Hair transplant may not work well for those with dormant hair follicles. Typically hair from the back of the head is used for hair transplant. However, hair from other parts of the body is also taken.

Prior to the transplant the surgeon will sterilize the area from where he will remove the hair. Subsequently, he will numb the area by applying local anesthetic. Transplanted hair may not grow much initially and even some hairs may fall out.

This will occur in almost all the cases and the patient need not worry. Most of the patients will require special medications for hair growth after the transplant. Some of the patients may also require a second hair transplant after a few years.

Hair transplant – a more longstanding solution to hair loss

Men, as well as women, experience hair loss as they get older. Men experience baldness at a higher rate. The traditional methods to restore the hair fail to give the desired results. People go for hair transplant since it is a more permanent solution to the problem.

People first find out how much does a hair transplant cost and also the success rate of hair transplant. Then they approach the hair transplant surgeon and undergo the procedure. Most of the people are not satisfied with over-the-counter products and also prescription restoration products.

More people opt for surgical hair transplant since it is a permanent solution to hair loss. The back of the head is normally unaffected by hair loss. The hair follicles for transplant are harvested from the back of the head. Hence the hairs continue to grow irrespective of old age.

A few patients may require hair transplant more than once. Most of the transplanted hairs remain intact permanently. Hence hair transplant is considered as a more permanent solution to the problem of hair loss. If the transplanted hair is not lasting permanently, it can be due to various reasons.

Over the years the transplanted hairs undergo physiological and immunological changes also. It is proved beyond doubt that hair transplant provides permanent results. Though for not all, hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair loss for the majority of men and women.

Hair transplant surgeons prescribe medications also for quicker post-transplant hair growth. The efficiently carried out hair transplant will appear natural and will grow just like normal hair. It will last a lifetime.

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