Keep Your Natural Curls Defined All Day Long

It’s great to have nice, natural wavy curls that are bouncy and full of body. But what do you do if they’re not staying nicely defined all day long? Curls can be beautiful or they can be a nightmare. If yours are giving you a headache, there are a few simple things you can do that will help you take control to Keep Your Natural Curls Defined All Day Long.

The main culprit that destroys curls is over-styling. When you use too many tools and styling products, they lose their natural shape and bounce. One thing that will often help in keeping them defined is to simply cut down and simplify your styling routine.

The Dry-Moist Balance

Keeping your curls defined is all about the balance between moisture and dryness. When your hair gets too dry, it starts to frizz. Keep your hair nicely moisturized throughout the day and especially in the mornings. Try keeping a spritzer handy loaded with water and give yourself some when you feel like the curls are getting out of control.

Another way to control moisture is to wear a towel after you shower. This will keep the moisture you need in your hair while soaking up the extra moisture that can make your curls lose their definition. While you’re wearing your towel, gently press out the extra moisture with your palms.

Try your best to air dry your hair. This is the best way to get the natural balance of moisture and dryness back. If you need to use a blow dryer, use one that has a diffuser. Diffusers break up the air stream so that it doesn’t break up your strands of hair and send them flying everywhere.

Styling Products that Can Help

Some women use hair gels to control curls, but this is tricky. If you use too much gel, it’ll weigh your hair down too much and you’ll end up with a lifeless mop instead of curly locks. If you have hair product buildup problems, be sure to read our tips on how get rid of it.

Leave-in conditioner works much better than gel. It doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy, but helps to accentuate its natural strengths. Comb it through your hair and leave it in. This will also help you control fly away hair, another frizz problem.

Hands Off

The biggest challenge in keeping your curls defined is to leave them alone. It’s hard to resist running your fingers through your hair, but if you do it, your curls will drop. If you’ve got a habit of messing with your curls, try your best to control it.

Whenever you’re handling your hair, be extra gentle with it. Curly hair is actually weaker strand-for-strand than straight hair. It’s more likely to break and strands are more likely to come apart. Keep this in mind whenever you’re doing any styling and take some time to find the right conditioner for your sensitive hair.

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