Is Tai Lopez a Scam?

Is Tai Lopez a Scam

Tail Lopez is an online motivational speaker who speaks and motivates its followers and viewers on how to be successful and how to make money. He is based in Los Angeles, California and he believes in the notion that knowledge gives rise to more opportunities in creativity and to achieve whatever he believes in.

When making most of his videos, he always shows big mansions, flashy expensive cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari. The reason for this is to convince his viewers and followers that he is rich so they can believe in him and do whatever he is telling them to do become rich.

Many people have argued and criticized if Tai Lopez is a scam after he made a video clearly stating that the mansion and flashy cars he always shows in his videos are all rented. He is not the owner of any mansion or Lamborghini. This is a shock to most people that actually believed him thinking he actually owns those things.


Is Tai actually a Scam?    YES and NO.(It depends on your perspective)

I am going to explain both answers.

  1. He is a scam because he deceived his viewers and followers into believing that he is actually a wealthy man by showing off mansions and exotic cars. Most people actually listen and watch him and probably even do what he says because of the singular fact that he is rich which wasn’t so later on. This is a lie, so he is a Scam.
  1. He didn’t actually read most of the numerous books he said he read. Those books he always shows on videos are just to get people to think that he reads a lot and that invariably makes him a smart guy. That is a lie, he is a scam.
  2. Most people complain that when you subscribe to his videos or e-book and want to unsubscribe that you can’t. This means he wants to constantly collect money from people even if they don’t want anymore. This is unprofessional and it is a scam.


Reasons why he is not a scam.

  1. He is not a scam because he is actually trying to convince his followers and viewers that you can be successful by making do with those motivational words or things he is saying. People want to see results before they can believe in you hence the showing of those mansions and exotic cars. In doing this he has actually given people some hope and ideas in becoming rich which is a good approach.
  2. He is not a scam because those books he shows on his videos are actually going to be of useful importance to its followers. Whether he reads it or not is not the most important thing so long he has been able to get some people to read it and gain something from it. A nice approach we can say.
  3. He is using the best marketing strategies to promote his image and his business. All businesses and business entrepreneur has different marketing strategies they use to promote their businesses and images to the general public. Tai Lopez is using the best marketing strategy he thinks and it seems to be working for him.

So you personally have to decide.

Disclaimer:- This information collected referring different sources like quora, youtube videos and other articles. If anybody have complain related to this article, you can comment and I will edit or delete, you can post your success story here.

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