iOS 11: These 5 things you Should Take care of while Downloading the new OS

iOS 11: 5 things you can't miss while downloading the new OS

iOS 11 is the newest advanced mobile operating system that has been developed by Apple for its iPhone and iPad users. There are many great new features in the iOS 11 such as; Screen recording, Screenshot and Markup, Type to Siri, Revamped App Store, One-handed keyboard, 3D Touch Integration and so much more.

The iOS 11 is a new OS which was released on September 2017. As many new released OS, there are bound to be some issues and lapses. These issues are of course fixed and updated.

Most of the people that has downloaded the new software on their iPhone has complained about battery problems. The software tends to drain the battery very quickly and most people also observed that their iPhones have slowed down.

Apple has assured its users that the iOS will work perfectly and all lapses will be fixed and updated.

When you want to download the iOS 11 on your phone, there are some things you have to do and take note of.
While downloading the new iOS 11, you have to make sure that;

You have enough internal storage space available on your phone.

When you want to download the iOS 11 software on your phone, you need to make sure that you have enough internal storage space available. Without the required storage space needed to download the software, you can’t successfully download it. If your phone doesn’t have enough free internal storage space available, you can delete some apps to create free space.

Your phone battery is at least 50% charged.

Before downloading the iOS 11 software, you have to make sure that your phone battery is charged up to 50% at least. Apple iOS devices require at least 50% battery charged before it can install iOS. This is to prevent any obstructions or unsuccessful installation. It is advisable to keep your phone charging while installing the iOS.

You keep a backup.

When installing the iOS 11, you should make sure to keep a backup just in case something goes wrong during the installation process. It is advisable to create a backup for your content in iCloud before starting your installation process so as to keep all data saved.

You check your device compatibility.

When you want to install the iOS 11 software, check your device if it is compatible and eligible to install the software. Most new products of iPhones and iPads are compatible with the iOS 11, unless if your iPhone is an old product.

Have your Apple ID, password or passcode with you.

When you want to download and install the software, have your Apple ID, password or passcode with you. This is because once the software is successfully installed on your device, your device is going to restart and you will be asked to insert your Apple ID, password or passcode.

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