Huge list of popular places to buy or sell web sites online

Selling or buying web sites online is easier with many sites which offer paid or free place to show the sites with buy or sell tag. Either you are interested to sell your site or buy it, you should check the places where you can get the best deals. This article is about sites which can help you choose the site with best offers. You can find sites with free and paid listings. This list is not complete at all, but still it shows links to most of the popular sites around dealing in buying, selling of web sites.

Sellers use these online marketplace to list their websites or domains for sale and to reach potential buyers. Many of these sites provide website appraisals. The appraisal report includes website value, financial value, traffic value, and content value.

The first name to sell or buy site/blog is: ‘Flippa’

How To Sell Your Site On Flippa?

Listing your website for sale on Flippa is easy.

– List Your Website:

Decide if you want an Auction – a listing with competing bidders and bids shown; or a Private Sale – a longer listing which allows offers to be put to you privately. Enter your domain name, traffic details, profit/revenue details and some details about your website. You’ll have the opportunity to set a reserve price and starting bid price for your website.

– Reach the World of Website Buyers
Buyers from around the world will look over your listing, kick the tyres and decide how they value it – and then bid on or make an offer for it. You choose to accept bids from buyers via the Flippa admin area.

– Sell Your Website
If you accept an offer, or if your auction ends with a bid over your reserve, then your website has sold successfully.

– They charge a fee for listing your site and a success fee once your site has sold.
Basic pricing is:
* Listing Fee: $19
* Success Fee: 5% (choose to pay the full 5%, share it with the buyer, or make the buyer pay the 5%. Success fees are capped at $498.)

More sites:

* is currently the 881st most visited web site in the world!
Sitepoint is probably the busiest webmaster marketplace with the highest quality content on the web. Highly recommended as the place to list your website for sale, or browse current sales. – $20 for Listing

* free for buyers and sellers of web sites.

* ‘’ is one of the oldest and most established places to sell, buy or trade an existing website.

* BuySell

* ‘Sedo’takes a commission on sales made through them. Selling at their site may take some time.

* ‘Digital Point’ Forums: One of the best Market place for buying or selling your blogs/websites,
services, products, etc

* Bloggeries : is a place for bloggers to discuss blogging. Also includes blogs for sale, free wordpress themes and blogging jobs. You may have to register before you can post

* ‘Site Indeed’ Here you can sell a website for free for a full 90 days.

NamePros – YAWF (another webmaster forum) has a decent marketplace. No fee means a lot of junk sites and turnkeys, but worth checking out.

* DNForum – a viable marketplace for website sales.

* Forums : To list your website in the forums of the it costs you around 9.95$ per topic, you also should be the member in Good standing with the forum.

* gathers website sale listings from a variety of resources and keeps them all in one place. This is an amazingly useful resource for people in the business of buying websites.

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