How Yoga Can Help Your Kids to Combat Stress

Many kids these days get a lot of pressure from today’s environment. That may cause a lot of stress on them and these kids can get into many problems not only at school, but also at home. Many parents have reported a very positive feedback after their kids practice Yoga sessions with qualified instructor.

Here is the report of WSVN channel, where reporter Lynn Martinez and yoga instructor Melissa Couvertier revealed some very interesting information about Yoga for kids and stress. I am sure, every parent will benefit from this information.

Yoga Parenting Tips – Yoga for Kids Can Help Your Kids Lessen Their Stress and Keep Them Healthy, Focused and Mentally Strong

How Yoga Can Help Your Kids to Combat Stress

Instructor Melissa Couvertier says yoga teaches kids flexibility, balance and coordination and also how to breathe.

Melissa Couvertier: “They don’t realize the rhythm their own body has just listening to their own rhythm to calm themselves down sometimes.”

Helene says school and activities can get her daughter Brianna stressed out.

Helene Kafka: “It’s something we talk about every day.”

But she noticed after yoga her normally chatty child is unusually quiet.

Helene Kafka: “It just hit me without her really coming out and telling me that she was just relaxed.”

7′s parenting expert Dr. Valerie Goode says it’s important for parents to recognize that just like them their kids get stressed out.

Dr. Valerie Goode: “We do see a lot more stress these days than we saw before. Kids don’t have as much time to play as they used to have.”

Dr. Val says kids are constantly in motion and that may make it harder for them to focus. She says activities like yoga will help them to slow down.

Dr. Valerie Goode: “It helps the child concentrate and focus on where they are right now.”

Mekaley has a lot going on in school right now.

Mekaley Wood: “I’m running for President because I’m in student council.”

But after her favorite yoga pose she says she couldn’t be more relaxed.

Mekaley Wood: “You feel like you’re in paradise. I feel like a noodle.”

And Melissa says another big benefit of yoga is you don’t have to be the best you can just be.

Melissa Couvertier: “All of them walk out feeling like they accomplished something.”

As you can see, when Yoga helps your kids to have less stress, empowers their mental health and gives them a lot of positive energy, there is nothing your kids can not accomplish. It is really that powerful and as a parent you should look for some local Yoga studio that teaches Yoga for kids.

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