How to Wake Up Xiaomi Redmi Phone Without Power Key

Xiaomi phones are surely one of the best phones available in the market as they are available for a much affordable price range and they offer the features of all the high-end smartphones. The company is based in China and it has a global reach and that makes it an attractive option buy a Xiaomi smartphone. Unlike Apple, you can’t wake up a Xiaomi phone by simply lifting it and hence you need to press the power button to wake the phone. But what do you do when the Apple key is broken? Well, there is a way to change the settings on the phone and by changing the settings, you will be able to wake up the phone by simply using an alternative button. Let us see how can we do it.

Steps to Wake Up phone without using power button 

  • To change the settings, you need to navigate to the settings of the phone. Once you open the settings. You can then go to additional settings and click on buttons options from the list.
  • Now, on the menu screen, click on lock screen option and enable the options for a wake up with the volume button.
  • You will be able to wake the phone using the volume button after enabling this option. This was surely easy, isn’t it?

So if your power button stops working and you do not have time to go for a repair then you can use the settings above to use an alternate button to wake up your phone.

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