Step by Step Guide on how to save a website page on your SmartPhone

Have you ever been used your Smartphone without an Internet connection? How would it be, if you use your phone without data plan especially when you are in urge to read a web page? Might you get frustrated right? Yes, obviously, but the tech world hides a lot of interesting features in the Android phone that we may don’t know sometimes. One among those beautiful features is saving a web page on your Android phone. If you are a student who often uses the phone without data, then you can open and read your subjects in a web page in no time. In fact, this feature will help you a lot during an exam time. By saving the web page offline, you can have a direct access to a web page easily.

Surprisingly, you can use your favorite browser includes Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer to open the page which you would like to save on your phone. Unfortunately, Chrome application does not enable you to save the entire webpages rather you can download the pages as PDF files, which you can access it anytime. However, chrome application on your Pc let you save entire pages. Also, keep in mind that the videos cannot be saved offline but you can be able to save only the webpages as a PDF files offline. And, the browser doesn’t let you save the photos with text.

Here is the step by step procedure for saving a web page in your chrome browser.

Android Phone Using Chrome Browser

  • First, you have to open the chrome browser application on your Android phone.
  • Then, you can open the web page that you would like to save for later use.
  • On the particular web page, you may see a small three dot icon, which is on the top right of the browser app. Just hit the icon.
  • As soon as you tap the icon, a drop-down menu will be there. After that, you can hit the down arrow button.
  • You can save the web page by clicking the down arrow button.( Download icon)
  • Now, the webpage will be saved on your Android phone.
  • When you want to locate all the saved web pages on your phone, then you will have to click the three dot icon. By doing so, you can save any number of web pages on your phone easily.
  • After that hit the Download button.
  • That’s all. Now, you can enjoy the downloaded version of any web pages.

How to save a web page on your iPhone

  • The first step involves opening a safari browser on your iPhone
  • Look at the bottom of the screen where you can see a square button with the arrow. Just tap it.
  • After that, “Add to reading list “ option appears and tap on it.
  • Just bookmarks the pages which you would like to read later.
  • That’s all. In your reading list, you can see a pair of reading glasses where you can view all the saved web pages.


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