How to Reduce the Size of WhatsApp on Your iPhone

How to Reduce the Size of WhatsApp on Your iPhone

You will probably find no users of Smartphones who do not use WhatsApp. Perhaps nobody will deny the fact. When one intends to send messages to his/her buddies from his/her Smartphone, he/she will first think of the use of WhatsApp. From personal use to office use the WhatsApp groups are everywhere. This is the app for sending good morning messages, senseless videos, GIFs, trolls and much more.

But the most stupid thing that idle human beings so is that they never think about the storage of their iPhone when they make fun from the WhatsApp and unfortunately when you sink in the fun you will get the ‘your iPhone storage is almost full’. Certainly, blame your iPhone. But the true fact is that you ought to get rid of clutter.

Fortunately, WhatsApp has made a great update by managing its storage on any smartphone by some easy steps. This article will guide you by advising the step-by-step procedure about how you will reduce the size of the WhatsApp. Hope these steps will help you increase the size of the WhatsApp and you will use this to its full extent.

Step 1: At the bottom-right corner of your Smartphone screen you will find a Setting button. Hit on that button.

Step 2: From the options there select ‘Data & Storage Usage’.

Step 3: Now from there select ‘Storage Usage’.

Step 4: You will be redirected to a new page. In this page, you will find all the conversations you have made recently will be listed.

Step 5: Here you may select any personal contact to see how much space this particular message has consumed.

Step 6: Here you may delete the unnecessary and unwanted data and delete that particular message. For example, if you find an unwanted video you may delete that video by following these processes keeping the other messages safe.

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