How to Record Streaming Audio on Computer – Easy steps

Many people thought that the only way to download the music on a computer is through the online stores or through the video converter software that can be used with youtube to download the content. But what do you do when you want to stream audio on your computer? For example, if you want to record a live radio show or a live lecture then what would you do? Well, the fact is that you can record the streaming audio on a computer with help of audacity and in this article, we have listed the process of recording the streaming audio on the computer. Here is how you can do it.

Steps to Record Streaming Audio on Computer

  • The first part of this procedure includes the setting up of the PC so as to enable the PC to record the streaming audio. You need to get into the settings of the Windows to enable the stereo recording through audacity. If you are unable to get it through, then you can follow the process by clicking here.
  • Once the device is ready to record, you can then turn off the play through so as to protect the device. To do so, you can launch audacity and then you can go to the preferences of the software. In the menu box, navigate to the recording sign and uncheck the option with software playthrough of input.
  • The transport toolbar on the audacity will help you with the recording and hence once you are ready to record, all you have to do is that you have to play the content and press the record button on the transport toolbar.
  • Once you have completed the recording, you can simply stop the recording and save the file.
  • It is also possible for you to edit the file using the software and audacity can also be used to burn the file on a disk. These days, people prefer pen drives and hence you can also save a copy of the music file on the pen drive.

This is how you can record the streaming audio on the computer and if in case you are looking forward to downloading audacity then here is the download link to the software. You can select the version of the software as per your operating system and it should also be noted that the software is totally free to use.

Download link

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