How To Prune Your Tree Properly

If your trees aren’t overpowering your house, you may be able to take care of the pruning yourself. This article will provide you with simple techniques you can use to take care of your own tree pruning in a safe and practical manner.

Reasons for pruning your tree

How To Prune Your Tree Properly

It’s important to prune your trees. It removes the dead and damaged branches, helping to prevent the spreading of decay and possible infestation of termites. It also helps to keep your tree shaped how you want it and keep it from becoming an overgrown nuisance. Not pruning your tree can allow branches to grow in excess, sometimes crossing over one another or splitting.

When to prune your trees

You can prune your trees during any time of the year. However, it’s going to be much easier if you do it during the time of the year when it is dormant. This is due to the fact that the tree won’t have as many leaves on it.

Remove small/unhealthy branches

You should focus on removing the smaller branches that show signs of distress. Larger and healthy branches should be left alone, unless they need to be removed. Removing these branches can cause your tree to become stressed out.

Even out the branches

You don’t want to strip one entire area of branches from your tree. Instead, try to leave the same amount and approximately the same sized branches all around the tree. This will allow the tree to continue growing in an even manner and not become unbalanced.

Remove tangled and/or crossed branches

You should prune branches that cross or that have become tangled. If allowed to continue growing, the branches will soon become troublesome and can destroy the overall health of the tree.

Don’t prune the tree too high

You should allow the tree’s branches to grow down at least two-thirds of the overall height of the tree. If you remove branches too far up the tree, then it can cause the tree to have problems maintaining its strength and become unhealthy.

You want to make sure you stay on top of your trees development early on by properly pruning it. This will help you to maintain a tree that’s full and provides you with plenty of shade, but that doesn’t become a problem for your walk ways, roof or other areas where you don’t want an overgrown tree in the way.

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