How to Overcome Loneliness When the Kids Are Gone

Being single is lonely, but what about when you’re a single parent? When you get used to having your children around all the time and then suddenly after your split, you find yourself alone and often times, lonely. So what’s a parent to do when everyone’s out of the house?

Overcome Loneliness When the Kids Are Gone

Here’s my 6 Favorite Things to Do When The Kids Are Gone:

Have a Leisurely Morning

Man it’s a rarity when I get the opportunity to stay in bed past 8am so when my daughter is gone I enjoy lengthy leisurely mornings filled with coffee, television and, if I’m lucky enough to have a very long morning jog around the neighborhood.

Have a beer

Yes, having a beer has to be on this list. When my daughter is home I can’t just swing by my favorite eatery and enjoy a beer on the patio in the sunshine. So, when she’s gone at her father’s house, I enjoy jumping on my beach cruiser and hitting up a local happy hour for one of their delicious nitro beers on tap. If you haven’t tried Big Sky Moose Drool add it to your list!

Work on business projects

I know this sounds boring, but when everyone is out of the house it’s really the easiest time to focus on one of my many passive income projects, including this blog. I like to start my morning leisurely (as mentioned above 🙂 and then sit at my desk chair with my morning coffee and being a very productive, yet relaxing day at my computer. Nobody to pick up from school at 3pm, no body to make dinner for, and I get to play my music as loud as I want to without hearing “Mommy, I can’t hear my show.”

Go to a yoga class

When my daughter is around, getting in the mental head space for yoga, along with packing her into the car, finding parking, and taking her to daycare before a class makes the idea of going to an actual class sound like a headache. So, when she’s at her dads I like to indulge in myself and head to my favorite yoga class. Or, barre class. Or maybe just lay by the pool, that too.

Clean the house

Ok this one also sounds odd that I actually get excited to do this when I’m finally free, but it’s very true. I like to deep clean my house, organize, get everything in it’s happy little place as soon as she leaves so I can give myself a few days of a regular adult house where there are no Shopkins or bits of playdough on the floor.

Do something for only myself

The one perk to being a single co-parent is that when my daughter is gone I have the opportunity and time to do something only for me. This is is rare when she’s in my care so I make sure to try and get some great ME time in while she’s gone. This includes going for a hike, having a leisurely quite meal, leaving the house past 7pm and going out with friends.

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