How to Have Two Skype Accounts on One Computer

Two Skype Accounts on One Computer : Skype is a tool world by millions of people for online chat, sharing of audio and video files and used to stay in touch. Skype software works on Windows 7 operating system will not allow two accounts to run concurrently on the same computer. However, you can access the EXE file options in Windows 7 programs, run commands to start a custom window, where you can connect with another account. The only part of the order, which may vary, is the path of the .exe file that depends on where you can change the software installed.

Two Skype Accounts on One Computer At The Same Time Windows 8

For various reasons, we have more than one account-D online world. So you might as well multiple Skype accounts such as multiple Dropbox accounts for work and personal use, like me. With multiple accounts can be useful and at the same time it is also time to limited number of accounts, especially in these accounts, where only one account to keep on a computer, so always have to account that already with another account uses Disconnect – (who, if you overcome this problem, then start reading this message, and follow the instructions step by step like using multiple Skype accounts computer 8 single window.

Multiple Skype accounts on one-stop computer 8

There are two ways to use multiple accounts on your Windows computer. The first is the use of software referred to by sea and another is from a command line manually. First, let us see how you run the software:

Allows the use of multiple Skype accounts on the computer VUCE with sea software. With this software, you can use a series of Skype accounts on only one Windows machine. The only restriction for these software are not used on a Skype account that is associated with the Microsoft account. If they are not defined with this limitation, you will be able to go further and begin to use multiple accounts on your computer.

Step 1:

You need the Free Software shore here [official link]

Step 2:

Extract now the file and start the installation of the application using the simple software installation instructions. (In the final step to complete the installation, make sure you run all Skype accounts at startup or not, since I prefer my team starts faster).

Step 3:

However, after completion of the installation. You will create a new window to Skype accounts and click Add account presented.

Step 4:

Now you are presented with a new pop-up window, where you can add Skype and Microsoft account. (Note that a Microsoft account does not add).

Step 5:

Now click Save After all the accounts that you want to access your computer. After the addition of accounts, select the account with a right click and press Start Skype with this account as shown in the figure below.

This is what has completed the addition of several Sea accounts. Now you can add any number of accounts and Skype only from Windows on your computer.

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