How to Grow Aster Flower

Asters are fabulous flowers to grow in the garden out of a variety of reasons. They are the best choice for busy people, or people that never gardened before. Why is that? Because asters are great looking flowers that require a minimum of attention. They can be found in a great variety of colors, starting with an intense purple, bright pink, powdered pink and even snow white. The plant tends to be quite busy and lush, and the flowers are small, but always bloom in large bunches, making your garden look like a happy and colorful spot. The asters come in tall and short varieties, according to the space you wish to designate for growing them.

Before placing asters in your garden

How to Grow Aster Flower

You must first pick the sunniest spot available. Asters love getting full sun’s light, and they will bloom and look fantastic if they have plenty of sunlight. So, make sure you reserve the sunniest corner of your garden for asters. You can place a tall variety in the background and put a shorter one in the front if you wish to create a create décor made out of multiple aster colors. Growing asters in the garden, or even a pot, can be started by getting the seeds or a cut sprout out of a mature plant. Both the seeds and the newly planted sprout must be placed outside in the spring, after the dangers of frost has passed. A great thing about asters is that they will survive outside even in the harshest conditions, like cold weather. So even if there is a snowy winter in your region, your asters will do just fine outside, blooming when the warm season arrives.

Asters are not picky when it comes to soil or watering. You will be amazed to see that the plants are doing just fine even if you forget to water them. Still, in the case of young plants, do give them a little hand and water them, if rainfall does not occur. But, don’t overdo it, as asters like it more on the dry side than being constantly watered. Also, moderate watering is recommended during the flowering period as well. A bit of water and plenty of sunshine should make your aster look incredible. Being highly resistant plants, especially to drought, they do not require too frequent or abundant watering. This is why they make such great garden plants.

Once they are bloomed

The flowers start withering, you can cut the plant’s branches almost to half, and they will start growing new ones almost immediately. Thus, you will encourage a new blooming, enjoying another set of gorgeous and colorful flowers. It is another way to enjoy aster flowers from early summer to the start of the autumn. Some varieties will bloom even in October, so do check out which ones you would like to have in your garden. Also, you should also know that the tall aster varieties might require staking to support their height, as they can get up to 3 feet tall. The shorter varieties are also good looking, as they tend to form a thick, vegetal carpet, made out of branches, leaves, and flowers, entirely changing the aspect of your garden.

So, as you can see, asters may be the perfect candidate to embellish your garden or patio. Very easy to grow, having the smallest requirements, and yet able to deliver very colorful and numerous flowers, asters are among the most appreciated flowers in gardens worldwide.

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