How to Get UAN Number- Easy Steps to Follow

If you are not sure about your UAN and if you are unable to find your UAN Number then go through the steps below as we have mentioned the process to recover the UAN Number. In addition to this, you first check your salary slip for the UAN number as it is always mentioned on the salary slip. If you are still unable to find the UAN number then follow these steps.

Getting UAN Number

  • This process is similar to checking the status of the UAN Number. To complete the first step, go to the EPFO Member Portal. Here is the link to the portal –
  • On this portal, click on the link for Know your UAN Status. Once you click on the button, you will be taken to a new page.
  • In the second step, you need to enter one of the identified for your UAN Number. This could be the PF Number, PAN Number or Aadhaar number. Restrict to PF Number or PAN Number if your Aadhaar is not linked to the UAN Number.
  • Also enter the name, date of birth and mobile number to retrieve your UAN Number. Once you have entered all the details, click on Get Authorization Pin.
  • In this step, you just have to enter your OTP that is shared with you on your mobile number. Once you enter the OTP, you will receive an SMS on your mobile with the UAN Number and the status.

If your UAN Number is not active as per the message then you can activate your UAN and you will receive your UAN Password but if your UAN is active and you are unable to recall the password then you can use the Forgot Password Wizard to reset the password of your UAN.

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