How to get famous on – Useful tips to Follow

How to get famous on is a social network app for music and video creation, sharing and live broadcasting. Its users can record fifteen seconds to one minute video and choose soundtracks along with the video. Users can use different speed options and add pre-set filters and effects. The app also allows users to browse through trending songs and sounds and hashtags. As of July 2016, has over 90 million registered users and an average of 12 million new videos posted every day and by the end of May 2017, the app reached over 200 millions of users. Users on are called “musers”.

Do you want to get famous on Then follow these four steps and your wish may just come through.

  1. Be active, comment, like and follow others videos.

If you want to be famous in, the first step you should take is to be active on the app. Follow a lot of people, like their videos (as many videos as possible), comment on their videos and you’re gradually on your way to being famous on Doing these things will make more people to know you and also in-turn more people will follow you and also comment on your videos.

  1. Post Videos on a regular base.

The next then to do to be famous on is to post videos regularly. When you post videos the people you follow and those following you will see your videos then they can comment on the videos and also like your videos.

  1. Interact with the people who follow you, like your videos and comments.

Communicate with other musers or people who are following you, liked and comment on your videos. This way you can make more friends and your popularity will increase greatly.


  1. Make good videos.

Make good videos the people will watch and actually like and make good comments about. Don’t just make anyhow videos.

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