How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Driving Glasses In 5 Steps

Driving is all about keeping a keen eye. Trying to squint through bright light or road glare is not only dangerous, but it’s bad for your eyes as well. What can you do?

This quick guide will take you through five of the most important features every driver should seek out when comparing potential eyewear for the road.  The perfect pair is out there somewhere.

1. Anti-Glare

Perfect Pair Of Driving Glasses

Glare causes eyestrain – road glare, glare from water, from neighboring vehicles, from snow and water. Polarized sunglasses practically eliminate glare. Polarized lenses found initial popularity among anglers because it cuts all light scattered from horizontal surfaces, eliminating surface reflections and making it possible to see the fish.  This same effect helps drivers see better in the rain and fog.

This helps drivers enjoy far better sun protection while using a lighter tint color, important for visibility on the road. Take some time to visit to see if anything catches your eye.

2. Peripheral Vision

Frames often come down to personal style and preference, but driving sunglasses are different. You need to be able to maintain as much peripheral vision as possible. Pilots wear aviator glasses because the lenses are large and the frames are small, maximizing peripheral range. Any thin-framed glasses will work well for driving, though.

3. Color Contrast

Drivers need to retain the ability to see individual colors clearly and accurately. Many drivers choose grey or amber sunglasses to preserve color accuracy, the best bet for daily drivers. Try to avoid going too dark with the tint if possible. Keep a spare pair in the vehicle if you need darker eyewear for unusually bright conditions.

Avoid red or blue tinted sunglasses because they can interfere with how you perceive road signs, stoplights, and other vehicles – especially in your peripheral.

4. Clarity And Detail

Good vision is essential for safe driving. Low quality sunglasses often have film and adhesive layers, but the high quality sunglasses in liquid state are attached to the lenses. Quality Price Prices

If you wear prescription glasses, your optometrist should be able to create matching lenses for your sunglasses, often to fit your chosen frames. This solution often provides a much clearer view than sunglasses that fit over a pair of ordinary glasses.

5. Accessories

Sometimes the magic is in the details. Great driving sunglasses are hard to find and when you do find a good pair, others might take notice. Generic sunglasses do not pose much risk for theft but attractive designer styles often have a decent resale value. Make sure to invest in a plain-looking case to avoid tempting potential thieves.

Get excited! Your eyes will thank you. Don’t forget to write down the model number of the pair you end up choosing, because a great pair of driving sunglasses is hard to replace!


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