How To Find a Song Name Without Knowing The Lyrics – Some Easy Tricks To Follow

Most times it happens that there is a song we want to download on our phone but we don’t know the lyrics or the title of the song. You may have heard a nice song playing on the roadside or on the FM radio of your car some few days ago and you are trying to remember the lyrics of the song 3 days later but you can’t remember it.

We all have been in such situation a few times. How can you find this nice song that you were listening to 3 days ago that you can’t remember the lyrics or even the title now?

I will be showing you some ways by which you can find a song name without knowing the lyrics.

1. Through the use of an app known as SHAZAM

Shazam is a mobile app that you need to download and install on your mobile phone. It works in a very easy way and easy to use. It only entails a few steps;

Step 1: Hold your phone towards the audio source.

Step 2: Tap on the Tag button

The app will listen to the music after a few seconds then analyze and provide a title and the name of the singer of the song or a few similar selection of them if it cannot exactly identify the song.

Download SHAZAM here:

2. Through the use of another similar app known as MUSICID

MusicID works similarly as Shazam. It is an app that you need to download and install on your mobile phone.

It works by listening to the audio source then analyze it and provide the title and artist name. It also has an SMS feature whereby you do not need to download the app, you only need to dial a code, record the audio, and MusicID will message you back with the result. The SMS feature is mainly for people in the United States.

Download MUSICID here:

3. Through the use of MIDOMI

Midomi comes in the form of an app and it is also web-based. It is slightly different from Shazam and MusicID as it does not need to hear the audio directly. All that you need to do is sing any few lines of the song you remember or just hum the tune of the song into your device for about 10 seconds and then allow Midomi to identify it.

You don’t have to sing the song well, just sing or hum whatever you remember and it will try to identify the title of the song and the artist.

Access Midomi here:

4. Through Apple’s SIRI or CORTANA

Siri is an app developed by Apple for Apple products so this is mainly for iPhone and users of Apple devices. Cortana is from Microsoft so other users who do not use Apple products can use Cortana.

Siri integrates with Shazam while Cortana integrates with Groove Music to identify audio sounds and provide results.

With Siri, all you need to do is to ask it “What song is this” or “Name that tune” and Siri will use Shazam to identify and analyze the music and provide you with the result. If you want to download the music, Siri will provide you with a link to iTunes where you can purchase and download music.

Cortana also works in a similar manner, all you need to do is to ask it “What song is this” or “Name that tune” and it will use Groove Music to identify and analyse the audio and then provide you with the result. If you also want to download the music, Cortana will provide a link where you can download the music.

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