How to Export and Import Itunes Playlist

How to Export and Import Itunes Playlist

iTunes is a great software for managing the music on the Apple device. Rather, it is the only software which can help you in creating an easy interface. The best way to sync your iPad, iPhone or iPod is to create a playlist of your favorite song and sync it across all iOS device one by one. There are also some people who would like to export or import the playlist created on iTunes. This is specifically required when you are changing the computer. Let us look at the step by step procedure to understand how to export or import iTunes playlist.

How to Export the iTunes Playlist

How to Export and Import Itunes Playlist

  • To export the iTunes playlist, launch the iTunes application on your computer. Once the application is launched, select the playlist from different playlists.
  • After selecting the correct playlist, you can click on the file from the top navigation menu and then you can click on the library option from the drop-down Another menu will be displayed and from the list, click on the export playlist.
  • You will now be given an option to choose the location of the playlist file that is being exported. Choose a location which is easy for you to locate. For example, you can also save the file on the desktop.
  • Now, name the file in the same window and choose the type of file you want. You can choose between XML, M3U and Text file. Once you have selected the file type, click on the save button. The playlist has now been successfully exported.

How to Import the iTunes Playlist

  • You can also import the iTunes playlist to any other device. So to do this, you need to open the iTunes and click on the file from the top menu ribbon.
  • From the various options, click on the library and then click on import playlist. Once the new window opens, you can then select the iTunes playlist which you exported earlier and click on the open button.
  • The library will automatically add the songs to your playlist but some of the songs may not be added if they are not present in your library. In such a case, you would have to add the songs manually to the library and sync it up with the playlist.

It should be noted that the playlist only contains the information and the metadata of the song. In no way, the playlist data would have the actual songs. So to import or export the playlist you would need the iTunes and below is the download link of iTunes. You can select the operating system of your machine and then download the updated version of iTunes for free.

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