How to do Reverse Image Search with your Mobile Phone

How to do Reverse Image Search with your Mobile Phone

If you want to know more details of an image such as the original source of the image, the date the image was posted on the web or you want to search for similar images, with reverse Image search you can find all these.

With reverse image search, you search by image instead keywords. There are a few simple ways to do a reverse image search on your mobile phones.

I will be showing you these few simple steps to enable you to do a reverse image search with ease.

Different Ways to do a Reverse Image Search

  1. You can do a reverse image search with most mobile browsers such as Google Chrome and It is pretty easy as it is similar to the normal search on Google.

Step 1: If you don’t have Google Chrome or Safari already installed on your mobile phone,
then you need to first download and install Google Chrome for other mobile devices
and Safari for Apple devices.

Step 2: Open Google Chrome or Safari and Tap on the “Upload an image” button. You can
also go directly to and tap on the “Upload an image” button.

Step 3: When you tap on the “Upload an image” button, it will take you to your image
library, where you can select any image either from your phone library, Google Drive
Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive or you can also take a picture with your phone camera.

Step 4: The image will be uploaded on Google database then you see similar images or
access the image information.

  1. You can also do a reverse image search by accessing this URL: org/google/images/. It entails a few simple steps;

Step 1: On your mobile browser, input

Step 2: It will open a homepage for search images. Tap on the “Upload an image”.

Step 3: Select the image you want from your phone library or other storage areas and you
as well take a picture.

Step 4: After selecting the image it will be uploaded.

Step 5: Tap on “Show Matches” and Google will show you the web pages that have similar
images as the one you uploaded. You can then have more information about the

There are different apps you can also use to do reverse image search. I will be showing you some of these apps and how they work.

1. Reversee

Reversee is an iOS app that is used for reverse image search. It allows you to edit an image before you search it on Google or Safari. You can crop your image, change the resolution or rotate the image before uploading it.

After editing the image, all you need to do is upload the image and the app will use Google or Safari to search for results for similar images. You can save images directly to the app.

Download Reversee here:

2. Veracity

Veracity is also an iOS app that can be downloaded from iTunes. It works in a similar way as Reversee. You can get all information about an image using veracity by uploading an image from your phone library or other storage devices such as iCloud, Dropbox to the app. It will then use the image you upload to access the internet and bring out the results such as similar images and websites from where the image was published.

Download Veracity here:

3. Search By Image

Search By Image works in a similar pattern as Reveree and Veracity. It is an android app that delivers image information to you after being uploaded. Its added feature is that it informs you if the image in the search result is fake, has been altered and how the new image is.

You can download it here on Google play:


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