How to Create a Hydroponic Garden for Beginners

If you want to start a hydroponic garden of your own, but are unsure of where to begin, this article offers some helpful tips, on how to go about creating your own hydroponics garden. What is a hydroponics garden exactly, and why would you want to create one you ask? Excellent question! The reason hydroponic gardens are becoming more popular, is because they do not require soil to produce lush, healthy, fruits and vegetables!

The other draw that makes hydroponics gardening so enticing is, the fact that you can grow your garden indoors! Maybe something to think about, for those of you that do not have backyards, but enjoy the taste of fresh produce! If a hydroponic garden, sounds like your cup of tea, read on, to learn what you will need to create your very own hydroponic garden!

How to Create a Hydroponic Garden for Beginners


  • LED grow lights
  • plant nutrients
  • pumps to disperse the nutrients
  • Ph controlling gadgets
  • small trays or vinyl pots (this depends on the size of your plants)
  • growing medium
  • clean rags
  • container to drain the nutrient reservoir into
  • nutrient reservoir
  • water
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • drain fittings
  • tubing
  • sprayers
  • concentrated nutrient solution
  • growing room
  • fertilizer
  • seedlings
  • air pump

Step 1:

If you are a newbie in the field of hydroponics gardening, the first thing you need to do before buying any supplies, is figure out exactly where in your home, you will place the hydroponic system. Plants need plenty of room to expand as they grow, so be sure to choose a space, that will provide them, with ample growing room! Happy plants, means you receive a better crop result! Also, be sure to set up your hydroponics system, near an electrical source, since you will need to plug in the grow lights, and pump! Once you find the optimal location, for your future hydroponics garden, then go out, and purchase the materials required.

Step 2:

Okay, now you have your location for your hydroponics garden, and your materials. Let’s begin, by setting up a fairly simple version, of a hydroponics system! The first thing you need to do is, take your small trays or vinyl pots, filling them with water. You will need to add fertilizer, to each container of water, since you aren’t using soil.

Step 3:

Once your containers have been filled with water, and the fertilizer has been added, you will need to attach the nutrient reservoir, and tubing. Be sure that your tubing, reaches to the opposite side, of your hydroponics garden, ensuring that the nutrient solution will be evenly dispersed, throughout the entire container, reaching all plants. An air pump, should be attached to the tubing as well, to help circulate the water, and provide oxygen to growing plants. Plug in your grow light, providing your growing garden, with needed light.

Step 4:

After you have added all the basic elements to the hydroponics garden, it is time to add your seedlings, to the water and fertilizer mixture!

If you haven’t already done so, before adding your seedlings to your hydroponics garden, be sure to wash off any dirt and debris from their roots. Once your seedlings are clean, you are going to plant them, in the growing medium, where they will flourish! It is important, to obtain a Ph control gadget, for your hydroponics garden, allowing you to occasionally test the water, in your hydroponics garden. This is important to do, because certain plants, will not grow well, if their water Ph level, is off. Testing the Ph levels of the water, in your hydroponics garden, will ensure that your garden conditions, are at their optimal levels!

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